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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure Monitoring


Site24x7 empowers IT operations and DevOps teams with AI-powered AWS monitoring. We provide out-of-the-box metrics compared to the native cloudwatch monitoring solution. Site24x7 programmatically accesses the CloudWatch API to collect performance metrics and metadata for the various supported AWS resources under monitoring.



Refer here to know more about the costs associated with your Amazon CloudWatch API.



Site24x7- AWS monitoring architecture


Getting started

To monitor your AWS resources, you need to add an AWS monitor in the Site24x7 console. To do this, you need to first enable access to your AWS account (IAM user creation or cross-account IAM roles) and then connect your AWS account with Site24x7 (paste the access credentials or Role ARN in the Site24x7 console).

Enable access to your AWS account

Create a cross-account IAM role with Site24x7 or create Site24x7 as an IAM user to enable access to your account. Learn more.

Connect your account with Site24x7

Add a monitor by connecting your AWS account with Site24x7. Also, make use of our advance discovery options to dial down CloudWatch requests. Learn more.

Configure notifications and thresholds

Create notification and threshold profiles for your resource monitors. Learn more.

Policies and permissions required

AWS IAM policies and permissions required by Site24x7 to access your cloud resources. Learn more.

Performance metric polling interval

Performance metric polling interval applicable for various supported AWS services. Learn more.

Supported AWS Services

Choose to monitor multiple AWS services from a single unified dashboard. Find the supported services here.

AWS Uptime Monitoring

Monitor the availability status for various supported AWS services. Learn more.

Tags for monitoring

Tags let you to organize your monitors efficiently. This section provides a glimpse into the tags supported at Site24x7 for AWS Monitoring. Learn more.

Metric Profile

Metric Profile lets you select the CloudWatch metrics to be monitored for a resource. Learn more.

Monitored Resources

For your key monitored services, view a list of all the associated monitored resources.

Service Quotas

View and manage your service quotas directly from the Site24x7 web client and needn't log in to the AWS console.


View the different categories of licensing models available for Site24x7's AWS monitoring.


Supported Regions

You can collect metrics, visualize resource usage and alert on operational behavior for all supported services across your AWS cloud environment.

  • Global Regions
  • GovCloud (US)
  • China Region

Advanced configurations

Create default threshold profiles, automatically create monitor groups leveraging native AWS tags, suppress non-actionable alerts, customize your Guidance Report, alert the right personnel and more using our advanced configurations. Learn more.

CloudWatch and Server agent integration for EC2 instances

Monitor your EC2 instance from two different perspectives – hypervisor level (CloudWatch) and OS level (System and application metrics). See your EC2 CloudWatch data and the agent metrics side by side to effectively monitor your EC2 ecosystem and tackle all the complexities associated with your dynamic environment with ease.

To learn more about the benefits, capabilities, UI features and agent installation steps, refer our product documentation.

Uptime checks for your S3 object endpoint URLs

Along with storage and request metrics, you can now monitor critical S3 object endpoints to ensure it is functioning correctly. Site24x7 makes HTTP requests to your endpoint from global locations, measures response time and validates the result. To learn more about how you can configure an S3 endpoint monitor, refer our product documentation.

Plugins to monitor applications run on the cloud

For a more comprehensive view into your applications' performance and health, you can collect native database metrics for DB engines like MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL using our plugins.

Automatically create monitor groups on the fly using tags

Define a tag with key = group_site24x7 along with a value of your choice to your AWS resources to automatically roll up entities into monitor groups. Learn more.


Forecast charts

Estimate future values of a performance metric and make informed decisions about adding capacity or scaling your cloud infrastructure. Learn more.

Integrate CloudSpend

View, add, or integrate your cost accounts and business units with Site24x7 using the CloudSpend tab in AWS. You can also use the option in CloudSpend tab to integrate your account with CloudSpend. Learn more.



The outages of all the monitors in an AWS account over a specific period of time is displayed on a single dashboard view. Outages are captured and made visible under a common tab to make sure you're always made aware of any critical issues that occur across all monitors in the account.


Guidance Report for your cloud environment

Site24x7's Guidance Report for Amazon Web Services provides a set of 220+ best practice checks to help you save money, increase performance, and reliability. Learn more.

Instance Type recommendations

Instance Type recommendations work on top of the Guidance Report and recommend which Instance Type will be a better fit by assessing the metrics and configuration details. They help you identify a better instance category based on your instance usage. 


All Accounts Summary

Gain high-level insight into all your AWS accounts along with their individual resource count. Get customized best practices and service recommendations for individual AWS accounts. Learn more.

Infrastructure Dashboard

A single, high-level color-coded view to see the health and performance status of all your monitored AWS resources. Get started. 

Inventory Dashboard

View resource count, region-based break-down, indepth Inventory Reports, and other metadata information for all your monitored AWS cloud resources in a unified pane. Get started. 

Anomaly Dashboard

Our AI-powered anomaly detection engine, identifies aberrations or spikes in monitoring data and alerts you along with the severity of the captured anomaly. Learn more

Service View and Business View

Visualize the state of your AWS integration in a simplified card format, and obtain a high-level information of your Amazon cloud stack with our enhanced business view. Get started.

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