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Gather performance data of resources monitored and generate numerous reports, which can be viewed along a custom-defined hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Obtain exhaustive reports, which assist you to identify the trends over a stipulated period of time; export these reports in CSV, PDF, and email formats for your internal purposes. Read to know how to interpret reports in Site24x7.

Monitor Groups Report

Gather insightful analytics on individual monitors of your monitor groups. Know More.

SLA Report

Drill down and identify various trends with respect to SLA compliance. Know More.

Monitor Report

Gain in-depth data about the various parameters of your monitored resources and accentuate your service performance using our insightful reports. Know More.

Outages Report

Keeps track of the overall downtime of your configured monitors over a specific period of time. Know More.

Anomaly Dashboard

AI-driven anomaly detection to identify unusual spikes and aberrations in your services. Your KPIs are validated against seasonal benchmarked values. Get prompt alerts when an anomaly is confirmed. Learn More.

Custom Report

Create ad-hoc tabular reports to compare performance metrics across multiple monitors for selected time periods. Know More.

FQDN Report

View the list of all Domain Expiry and SSL Certificate monitors along with their respective days to domain and SSL certificate expiry in a single view. Know More.

Global Benchmark Report

Create an ad-hoc Global Benchmark Report to analyze and comprehend the Availability or Response time trends of your various website monitors or monitor groups from multiple global locations during a specified time period. Know More.

Site24x7 Advisor

Get a personalized report that helps you adhere to best practices so you can monitor your IT deployments with ease. Know More.

Security Reports

Obtain an exhaustive report for your Security monitors. Know More

Poll Now Report

Obtain information about the performance and availability related metrics for Website, Rest API, Web Page Speed (Browser), and Ping monitors . Know More.

NCM reports

Gain detailed insights into your network configuration management (NCM) devices with NCM reports. Know More

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