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Amazon SFTP Monitoring Integration

Amazon Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), also called as the Secure Shell (SSH) File Transfer Protocol is used for file transfers from and to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets or Elastic File System (EFS). With Site24x7's integration, ensure secured sharing of files between systems and get visibility into end user's activities.


  • Please provide Site24x7 access to your AWS account by either creating an IAM User or IAM Role. Learn more.
  • On the Integrate AWS Account page, please make sure the SFTP checkbox is selected in the Services to be Discovered field. Learn more.


Please make sure the following read-level actions are present in the IAM policy assigned to the IAM User or IAM Role created for Site24x7. Learn more.

  • "transfer:DescribeUser",
  • "transfer:DescribeServer",
  • "transfer:ListUsers",
  • "transfer:ListServers",
  • "transfer:ListTagsForResource"
  • "logs:DescribeLogGroups"
  • "logs:DescribeLogStreams",
  • "logs:GetLogEvents",

Poll Frequency

Aggregated SFTP metric data is collected as per the poll frequency set (1 minute to a day). Learn more.


  • Each SFTP monitor is considered a basic monitor.

Supported Metrics

Bytes In The total number of bytes transferred into the server.

Average, Sum

Bytes Out The total number of bytes transferred out of the server.

Average, Sum


To View Data

  1. Sign in to the Site24x7 console. Click on AWS. Choose the monitored AWS account.
  2. Choose SFTP from the menu dropdown.
  3. From the list of monitored resources, choose the SFTP resource for which you want to view metrics for.

Threshold Configuration

Set thresholds for the various performance metrics related to SFTP and get alerts when they exceed the configured values.

  1. Go to Admin > ConfigurationProfiles > Thresholdand Availability > (+). You can also navigate via Cloud > AWS > click on the AWS account > SFTP> hover on the hamburger icon beside the display name > Edit > Threshold and Availability > click on the pencil icon.
  2. In the Add Threshold and Availability form, select SFTP.
  3. Set threshold values for the required metrics.
  4. Save your changes.

Site24x7's SFTP Monitoring Interface


This section provides you with metrics including bytes in and bytes out in MB and GB.  

Monitored Resources

The Monitored Resources tab shows the associated S3 bucket or Elastic File System (EFS) with its resource name, display name, and its monitor status in Site24x7. You can also set thresholds and be notified when any of these services fail by clicking the pencil icon under Action. 

SFTP Function Overview

Get configuration details including the domain, server ID, server hostname, number of users, endpoint type, and more. 

Public Keys

Lists the public keys associated with the SFTP servers for SSH authentication. You can set thresholds for the keys and be alerted when the configured value exceeds. 

Recent Logstreams

The list of logstreams like Errors will be listed with details like its last injested time and last event time. Clicking on a log stream name will list all the logs under that logstream with its respective timestamp and message. 

An alert mail is also sent to the user contact for the Errors logstream in the CloudWatch logs. 


A history of your resources’ various states, like down, trouble, critical, or maintenance, is displayed in the Outages tab. Details on the start time and end time of an outage, duration, and comments (if any) are provided in this section. You can also edit or delete comments.

Log Report

Here you can view the audit log data for SFTP monitors, along with Bytes In-Average and Bytes Out-Average in MB.

IT Automations

You can add automations to start and stop SFTP. Go to Admin > IT Automation Templates (+) > Add Automation Templates. Once automations are added, you can schedule them to be executed one after the other.

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