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The Site24x7 Data Exporter is an independent process that communicates application metrics and traces to the Site24x7 server.

Release notes

Get to know the major and minor fixes done in each release and keep your S247DataExporter upgraded for the best performance.

Version 1.5

05 July 2024


  • The communication between the agent and the exporter is now authenticated.
  • Support for receiving all trace data directly from the agent.
  • Support for verifying the status of a running application (
  • Support for new distributed tracing.
  • Support to accept data streaming from the agent.
  • The curl dependency has been removed from the one-line installer script.

Issue fix:

  • The issue with the DB operation has been fixed.

Version 1.4

21 March 2024


  • Communication with Site24x7 is now compressed.
  • Support for better URL obscuring.

Issue fixes:

  • The installation issue during repair has been fixed.
  • The issue of being unable to override the manufacturer's default settings manually has been fixed.
  • The issue with the AWS IMDS v2 instance ID has been fixed.

Version 1.3

16 February 2024


  • The service and installer have been merged into a single executable.
  • Support to execute as the user currently logged in.
  • Support to exclude certain keywords in URL path from being obfuscated.
  • Support for MSSQL, dynamic, and multi-query parsing.

Version 1.2

19 December 2023


  • Support for detecting instance ID for AWS IMDSv2.
  • Advanced options for Windows MSI installation.
  • Support for displaying the non relational database calls in the Database tab.
  • Other performance enhancements.

Version 1.1

28 November 2023


  • Support for custom metrics.
  • Support for synthetic key.
  • Option to run as a root user.
  • Option not to register as a service.
  • Support for communicating agent updates to the server.
  • Support for updating the exporter configuration after installation.
  • Support for retaining old configuration during exporter update.
  • The database connect request is now displayed in the Database tab.
  • New data centers have been added in South Africa (SA), California (CA), and the United Kingdom (UK).
  • Support for enabling and disabling the application health check.

Issue Fixes:

  • The sampling factor issue has been resolved.
  • The cloud detection order issue has been resolved.
  • The issue with the MSI update has been resolved.

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