Help Amazon Web Services Amazon WorkSpaces Integration

Amazon WorkSpaces Integration

Amazon WorkSpaces enables you to use cloud-based desktops in Windows OSs and Linux flavors. Monitor WorkSpaces with Site24x7 to view and analyze the number of available WorkSpaces, and the number of users accessing them.

Setup and configuration

  1. If you haven't done so already, enable access to your AWS resources between your AWS account and Site24x7's AWS account by either:
    • Creating Site24x7 as an IAM user, or 
    • Creating a cross account IAM role. Learn more.
  2. On the Integrate AWS Account page, check the box next to the WorkSpaces. Learn more.

Policies and permissions

The following permissions are required by Site24x7 to discover Workspaces and collect configuration information.

  • "workspaces:DescribeTags",
  • "workspaces:DescribeWorkspaces",
  • "workspaces:DescribeWorkspaceDirectories",
  • "workspaces:DescribeWorkspacesConnectionStatus",
  • "workspaces:DescribeIpGroups",
  • "workspaces:DescribeWorkspaceBundles",
  • "workspaces:DescribeWorkspaceImages"

Polling frequency

Site24x7 queries AWS to collect WorkSpaces performance metrics according to the configured poll frequency. The minimum poll interval supported is one minute, and the maximum is 24 hours. Learn more.

IT Automations

You can add automations for the AWS services supported by Site24x7. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Admin > IT Automation Templates (+) > Add Automation Templates. Once automations are added, you can schedule them to be executed one after the other.

You can now start, stop, reboot, or rebuild a WorkSpace using WorkSpaces automations.

Supported metrics

Attribute Description Statistic Data Type
Available The number available requests sent to the WorkSpace. Sum Status
Unhealthy The number of available requests rejected by the WorkSpace.  Sum Status
Maintenance The number of times the WorkSpace was under maintenance. Sum Status
Connection Attempt The number of connection attempts. Sum Count
Connection Success The number of successful connections. Sum Count
Connection Failure The number of failed connections. Sum Count
Session Launch Time The amount of time it takes to initiate a WorkSpaces session. Average Seconds
In Session Latency The round trip time between the WorkSpaces client and the WorkSpace. Average Milliseconds
Session Disconnect The number of connections that were closed, including user-initiated and failed connections. Sum Count
Users Connected The number of time a user connected to the WorkSpace. Sum Count
Stopped The number of times the WorkSpace has been stopped. Sum Count

Site24x7's WorkSpaces monitoring tabs


Receive an overview of the status of WorkSpaces with time series charts that provide the number of users connected, the number of connections established, session launch time, and latency.

Workspace configuration

The details provided here list the WorkSpaces IP, the directory to which it belongs, encryption details, activity status, and the last logged user.

Directory configuration

The complete details of the directory, including the ID, name, status, type, DNS details, and the user role configured are listed here.

Images and Bundle

WorkSpaces' bundles provide the details of the operating system, storage, compute, and software resources chosen by the user while configuring WorkSpaces. Default bundles provided by AWS and consumed by the user are also listed here.

You'll also see the details of the images you have created from a Windows or Linux WorkSpaces instance that you've customized.

IP Group

If a user has configured IP access restrictions while creating WorkSpaces, the IP addresses that are allowed to access it are listed here.

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Help Amazon Web Services Amazon WorkSpaces Integration