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Global Monitoring Locations

You might not be able to fine tune the performance of your website unless you can ascertain the uptime when accessed from different locations. A complete picture of your end user's experience can be arrived only when monitored from across the globe.

Site24x7 supports monitoring services from 130 geographical locations by partnering with leading hosting providers. In addition to these monitoring locations, Site24x7 uses On-Premise Poller software as a location to monitor internal networks. This includes monitoring resources behind the firewall, private clouds etc. Not just that, Site24x7 also gives you insight into the performance of mobile websites, apps, custom APIs and other online services via wireless carriers (3G, 4G) and enterprise WiFi networks using a real mobile device

Now using these global monitoring locations, Site24x7 notifies a website status by monitoring from the configured primary and secondary locations. Primary location is the main location from which the registered monitors are polled according to the set poll interval. If your monitor is detected down in the primary location, Site24x7 servers check from the selected secondary locations and notifies in case of downtime.

Site24x7 global monitoring workflow


For instance, when a website is down at, say L1 (Primary Location), Site24x7 will check from L2 and L3 (Secondary location) as configured by the user and sends notification only when the website is detected down at both the locations. Additionally, Site24x7 does a re-check of your website's uptime from two other random locations and takes a screenshot using a real browser; thus nullifying the issue of false alerts. Also user can install On-Premise Poller and use it as a geographical location (L4) that is not supported by Site24x7. Now, you can follow this community post to find out any new updates on our global monitoring locations and IP addresses.

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