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Push Data to Kinesis Data Streams

Automatically push a single custom data record to any shard within an data stream in response threshold violation or monitor status change events.


  • You must have enabled Kinesis Data Stream integration.
  • You must have active monitored Data streams in your Site24x7 subscription account.

Required Permissions

Site24x7 uses the Kinesis Data Stream API to add data data to the stream. Please add the following write-level action to the Site24x7 IAM entity (User or Role) to help add data.

  • kinesis:PutRecord : The PutRecord operation sends records to you stream one at a time.

Create action profile

  • Open the Site24x7 web console. Choose Admin from the left navigation pane.
  • Choose IT Automation templates.
  • Click on the dropdown box and choose Push Record to Kinesis Data Stream as type.
  • For Display Name, type a meaningful name.
  • For Actions to be performed, keep the default.
  • Click on the dropdown box. Choose the Kinesis Data Streams for which you want to push data from the dropdown menu.
  • The Partition key determines which shard in the stream the data record gets assigned. Copy and paste the string of the partition key or explicitly specify a hash value using the ExplicitHashKey parameter.
  • Configure a suitable Max Allowed Action Execution Time. This will determine the maximum amount of seconds Site24x7 will wait before the API request times out.
  • Change the toggle to Yes to receive an email notification regarding automation result. Share automation results via an email to your User Alert Group configured in the Notification Profile. This email will contain parameters including the automation name, type of automation, incident reason, destination hosts, and more.
  • Choose Save.
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Help AWS Service Actions Kinesis Data Stream Actions