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Amazon EBS Monitoring Integration

Elastic Block Store (EBS): Amazon EBS provides highly durable, persistent block storage volumes for your EC2 instances. With Site24x7's Amazon Web Service(AWS) integration you can collect metrics to analyze volume workloads and tune up performance.

Setup and configuration

  • If you haven't done it already, enable Site24x7 access to your AWS resources by creating Site24x7 as an IAM user or by creating a cross account IAM role. Learn more.
  • Discovery and monitoring for your Elastic Block Store(EBS) volumes would begin automatically if you've enabled metric collection for your EC2 instances. This can be done by selecting the EC2 check box in the Services to be discovered field. Learn more.

Polling information

Site24x7 polls the CloudWatch API as per the poll frequency set (1 minute to a day), to collect metrics for your block storage volumes. Learn more.

To view data

  • log in to the Site24x7 console. Choose AWS. Select the "monitored AWS account"
  • Choose EC instance from the drop-down. From the list of monitored EC instances, choose an instance for which you want to view metrics.
  • Choose the Volumes tab, to view the graphed metrics.

Supported metrics

The following performance metrics are collected:

AttributeDescriptionStatisticsData type
Volume IOPS Usage Measures the utilization of I/O operations per second supported by the volume. Average Percent
Volume read bytes Measures the total number of bytes read from the volume. Sum Bytes
Volume write bytes Measures the total number of bytes written on the volume. Sum Bytes
Volume read ops Measures the total number of read operations. Sum Count
Volume write ops Measures the total number of write operations. Sum Count
Volume total read time Measures the number of seconds spent on read operations Average Seconds
Volume total write time Measures the total number of seconds spent on write operations Average Seconds
Volume idle time Measures the total number of time in seconds when no read or write operations is performed Average Seconds
Volume queue length Measures the total number of read write operations waiting to be completed Average Count
Volume throughput percentage Measures the percentage of I/O operations performed per second in terms of the total IOPS provisioned. Only applicable for Provisioned IOPS SSD volumes only. Average Percent
Volume consumed read write ops Measures the total amount of read write operations consumed in a period of time Average Count
Burst balance Measures the percentage of I/O credits or throughput credits remaining in the burst bucket. Only applicable for General Purpose SSD (gp2), Throughput Optimized HDD (st1), and Cold HDD (sc1) volumes.AveragePercent Average Percent

Add a threshold profile to the block store volume attached to your instance. Learn more.

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