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User and Alert Management

Provide full or partial access, or restrict access to members within your team or organization. Create groups and grant permission to view metrics, perform actions, or generate performance reports. 

Users and Alerts

Set up other users who can login to Site24x7 and receive notifications about outages. 

User Alert Group

Organize individuals into groups to receive alerts and reports based on their responsibility. 

Attribute Alert Group

Create unique attribute alert groups by consolidating various attributes from multiple monitor types. You can associate Attribute Alert Groups with your current User Alert Group, which when linked to a monitor facilitates better streamlining of monitor alerts and reports.

User Roles and Role Based Access Permissions

Keep control over the access level of the users and add multiple users by providing them with various access permissions

User-Level Time Zone

Configure time zone at the user-level to generate reports. 

On-Call Schedule

Configure business hours or shifts using On-Call Schedule to quickly respond to incidents and outages.

Alarms Category

Alarms category enables you to sort and filter alarms based on attributes, send alerts to the preferred email addresses, organize alarms efficiently. 

Alert mails

 Get to know about the alert mails sent from Site24x7. 

Manage organization-level settings with Zoho Directory

 Easily manage users by integrating your Site24x7 account with Zoho Directory, a single platform for carrying out all admin activities for your entire organization.

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