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Start a state machine execution

Using Site24x7's IT automation framework you can now execute a Step Function in response to alert events.


  • You must have enabled the Step Functions integration.
  • You must have actively monitored state machines in your Site24x7 subscription account.

Required Permissions

Site24x7 makes use of the AWS Step Functions APIs to execute the action. Please make sure the following write level actions are present in the IAM policy assigned to the Site24x7 entity (IAM user or IAM Role)

  • states:StartExecution: Start a state machine execution.

Create an action profile for to start state machine

  • Open the Site24x7 console. In the left navigation pane, choose Admin and then choose IT Automation Templates.
  • Choose Add Automation. Click on the menu dropdown and choose Execute Step Function as the type.
  • For Display Name, type an appropriate name for identification purpose.
  • For Action to be Performed, keep the default.
  • For Destination Step Function State Machine(s), choose from a list of monitored state machines.
  • For input JSON, type the string that contains the input data for the execution. Note: If you don't include any JSON data, you must include two braces: "input": "{}".
  • Configure a suitable value for Max Allowed Action Execution Time. The value will determine how long Site24x7 will wait before the API request times out.
  • Share automation results via an email to your User Alert Group configured in the Notification Profile. This email will contain parameters including the automation name, type of automation, incident reason, destination hosts, and more.
  • Save the profile.

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