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On-Call Schedule

Quickly respond to incidents and outages around the clock by opting to receive alerts during selected shifts or business hours using On-Call Schedule. You can assign user groups to specific shifts to ensure that the assignees stay updated in case of any incident or outage via notifications.

To use an On-Call Schedule:

  1. Log in to Site24x7.
  2. Navigate to Admin > User and Alert Management > On-Call Schedule.
  3. In the new On-Call Schedule page that opens, click Add On-Call Schedule.
  4. In the On-Call Schedule pop-up that opens, provide the following details:
    • Schedule Name: Provide a name for the On-Call Schedule.
    • Time Zone: Choose the time zone of your preference from the drop-down. By default, the time zone configured in your account will be selected.
    • Shift Name: Provide a name for the particular shift.
    • User Groups: Select the User Alert Group of your preference to be associated with a particular shift.
    • Start Time: Specify the time at which a shift should start.
    • Shift Duration: Specify the duration of the on-call shift you're scheduling.
    • Rotate User Group Every: Select the period of rotation for the user groups associated with the shift. For example, if you're choosing the Month option, every month on a specific date, the user groups will be rotated periodically and alerts will be sent accordingly.

      For instance, if you've configured the shifts like this:
      • ‌Shift A User Group 1 - 10:00 + 8 hours
      • Shift B User Group 2 - 18:00 + 8 hours
      • Shift C User Group 3 - 02:00 + 8 hours

    • It'll be rotated in the following format:
      • Shift A User Group 2 - 10:00 + 8 hours
      • Shift B User Group 3 - 18:00 + 8 hours
      • Shift C User Group 1 - 02:00 + 8 hours
    • Exclude For: Configure the days for which you'd like to exclude alerts. This will be applicable only for the associated On-Call Schedule.
    • Days to be excluded: Choose the days on which you do not wish to receive notifications.
  5. Click Save, and the On-Call Schedule will be scheduled for the specified shift.

Modify or delete an On-Call Schedule

To edit or delete an On-Call Schedule, click on the one you want to edit or delete from the among the ones listed in the On-Call Schedule page. By clicking on the hamburger icon next to an On-Call Schedule, you'll be provided with options to Clone or Delete it.

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