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Performance Metrics for SMART Disk Monitoring

Add a SMART Disk monitor to get status of your hard disk, set thresholds and be notified on potential hardware disk failures. Once a SMART Disk monitor is successfully added, you can view their performance metrics under Server > SMART Disk.

Parameter Description
Temperature Celsius Shows the device temperature 
Reallocated Sectors Count  Represents the count of reallocated sectors in the drive.  
Load Cycle Count  Count of load/unload cycles into head landing zone position 
Power Cycle Count  The count of full hard disk power on/off cycles 
Power-on Hours  Count of hours in power-on state 
Raw Read Error Rate  The rate of hardware read errors that occurs when reading data from a disk surface 
Seek Error Rate  Rate of seek errors of the magnetic heads 
Spin-up Time  Average time of spindle spin-up 
Seek Time Performance  Average performance of seek operations of the magnetic heads 
Throughput Disk Performance  The overall throughput performance of SMART Disk. Decreasing value indicates an issue with the hard disk.
Last Polled Data of Textual Attributes This table shows the configuration details of the hard disk like Device ID, Firmware Version, Device Model etc. Click on View History to see the changes in the hard disk configurations

Add a Threshold and Availability Profile

Once the SMART Disk monitor is successfully added to your Site24x7 account, you can define threshold values for each of the above metrics to be notified when there is a breach. Follow the steps below to add/edit a threshold profile:

  1. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Server > SMART Disk.
  2. Click on the SMART disk monitor added and hover on the hamburger icon beside the display name. Click Edit.
  3. In the Edit SMART Disk Monitor page, under Configuration Profiles, click on the pencil icon to edit the default threshold profile or the (+) icon to add a new profile beside the field Threshold and Availability.  
  4. Define the values for the required metrics and Save your changes.

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