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Add a SMART disk monitor

Create a monitor for your SMART disks to get real-time status updates for your hard disks. Be the first to be aware of hardware disk failures with instant alerts.

How it works

SMART disk monitoring is performed by Site24x7's Linux server monitoring agent. The agent automatically discovers your SMART disks and shows their performance and health metrics along with the performance and health metrics of your Linux servers. Multiple SMART disks can be monitored through a single Linux server monitoring agent.

Required setup:

If the Linux server attached to the SMART disk is already being monitored by Site24x7, go to the server monitor page and click Rediscover Applications in the Application Details tab. The connected SMART disks will be displayed in a list and you can select them to start monitoring.

How to set up a SMART disk monitor

  1. Log in to the Site24x7 portal.
  2. Click Server, then click the + icon next to SMART Disk in the left navigation pane.
    1. Alternatively, you can also click Admin > Inventory > Add Monitor > SMART Disk under the Application Server Monitoring section.
  3. The Add a Linux server monitor page will be displayed. Follow the instructions on this page or from the help document to create a Linux server monitor to successfully create a Linux server monitor.
  4. Click Server, and then click SMART Disk in the left navigation pane to view the list of autodiscovered SMART disks.

SMART disks' performance and health data will also be displayed on the respective server monitor page under the Applications section in the Summary page.

Other important resources for SMART disk monitoring

License consumption

Each SMART disk monitor consumes 1 basic monitor license.

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