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Log management: Quick links

AppLogs is a Site24x7 log management service that offers extensive searching and features to help with log analysis. Manage logs efficiently with comprehensive log management options and features.

Here is the list of quick links available for Site24x7 AppLogs.

Get started
About log management
Adding a log type
Associating a log profile
Over 100 out-of-the-box supported log types
Query language searches
AppLogs alerts

Searches and filters
Save your searches
Compare multiple fields by creating related log templates
Group messages based on pattern similarity
Filter using the relative time period
Filter log lines at the source
Create a customized log type view

Log sources
Remote files
Windows event logs
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
AWS Lambda
Azure Functions
Log forwarding from Google Cloud Platform
Collecting logs from Cisco switches
Log collectors: Logstash and Fluentd

Extract useful information by creating a custom parsing rule
JSON logs
Multiple log patterns support
Hashing and masking log data
Sending logs via an HTTPS endpoint API
Multiline logs

Usage and retention
Log usage summary
Re-index logs

How-to videos
Create a log type and associate it with a log profile
Search your logs using the query language in AppLogs
Use AppLogs' search option and its features

How do I delete the uploaded logs?
How long are my logs retained by Site24x7?
How to limit log uploads from a particular log type?
How do I disable log collection for an individual log type?
Troubleshooting tips for log collection errors
Best practices for log management

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Help Log Management Log Management Quick Links