Help Capacity Planning Add Capacity Planning Monitor

Adding a Capacity Planning Monitor

You can add and view your Capacity Planning monitors from the Monitor Groups tab.

  1. Log in to the Site24x7 web client and go to Home > Monitor Groups.
  2. Choose a specific monitor group.
  3. From the Capacity Planning tab, click Add Capacity Planning.
  4. Provide a Display Name and choose Monitor Type.
  5. Select the desired tags from the Filter Resources Based on Tags field.
  6. Click Next.
    Note: You can view the list of monitors to be grouped for capacity planning on the Monitors to be added for Capacity Planning page.
    add-capacity-planning monitor
  7. Click Next to proceed.
    Note: You can modify the Poll Interval, Threshold Profiles, Configuration Profiles, Alert Settings, and Third-Party Integrations on the Add Capacity Planning page.
    save capacity planning monitor

  8. Click Save to save the Capacity Planning monitor.

Table of contents

Auto-creation of Capacity Planning monitors

Enabling auto-creation allows Capacity Planning monitors to be added automatically for that particular monitor group. From the Capacity Planning tab, toggle the Auto-create Capacity Planning to Yes to enable auto-creation. A single Capacity Planning monitor will be added to every eligible monitor type in a monitor group.

Auto creation of cp monitor

Consider a monitor group with 10 Amazon EC2 instances, 15 servers, and 20 Amazon S3 buckets. When you enable auto-creation, three Capacity Planning monitors will be created:

  • An EC2 instance Capacity Planning monitor with 10 Amazon EC2 instances
  • A server Capacity Planning monitor with 15 servers
  • An S3 bucket Capacity Planning monitor with 20 Amazon S3 buckets

Polling frequency

Polling frequency determines the time intervals when the monitoring data is collected and reported. Capacity Planning monitors support polling at the following intervals:

  • 15 minutes (default)
  • 20 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • One hour
  • Two hours
  • Three hours
  • Six hours
  • One day
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Help Capacity Planning Add Capacity Planning Monitor