Ruby agent - Release notes

Version 1.9.0

22 March 2024


  • Supports tracking jobs scheduled using the Sidekiq framework.

Version 1.8.7

05 July 2023

Issue fixes:

  • Internal issue fixes.

Version 1.8.6

30 August 2022


  • Support for the upcoming JP DC.

Version 1.8.4


Security fix:

  • Read/Write permission for APM agent configuration file is set only for the current user running the app server.

Version 1.8.2



  • Reduced agent start time.

Version 1.8.1


Issue fix: 

  • If agent is unable to write in agent log files, it will write to STDOUT.
  • Errors that occur during agent initialisation are contained within the agent itself and are not propagated to application level.

Version 1.8


Issue fix:

  • Performance issue because of huge traceload. This is fixed by restricting 1000 method calls per trace.

Version 1.7.3



  • Monitoring support for Rainbow Server

Version 1.7



  • Proxy passwords have been encrypted and GDPR changes are implemented
  • Monitoring support for Unicorn Server

Version 1.6.1


Issue Fix 

  • In case of metric data corruption, agent dropped entire performance payload. Agent has been updated to skip only corrupted data point and procedd with rest of the metrics

Version 1.6


New Feature

  • Users can now custom instrument their application methods for improved performance monitoring
  • User can now track exceptions using  agent API
  • Action view metrics were not captured in previous version, has been fixed in this version
  • Error count for database metrics are captured and shown in Database tab 

Version 1.5.2


New Feature

  • In multiple worker process environment, exception count calculated incorrectly. It has been fixed

Version 1.5.1


New Feature

  • Metric thresholds have been modified to be uniform across all APM Insight agents
  • User can now customie agent polling interval 

Issue fix

  • Agent throws" Cannot modify frozen string "error in certain cases of database queries. It has been addressed and fixed

Version 1.5


New Feature

  • Agent can now track request made to the application using Sinatra framework 
  • Agent performance tracking mechanism has been improvised to adapt upcoming features in the agent
  • Users can now exclude transactions based on file extensions from monitoring

Version 1.4


Issue Fix

  • In multiple process environment, nil exception in response time calculation has been fixed

Version 1.3


New Feature

  • Agent can now track errors  in web and database transactions
  • Backtrace for exceptions are captured for erroneous transactions and methods calls
  • Users can view all the exceptions and its details like Error message, error type, stacktrace, count under Exceptions tab in Site24x7 web client

Issue fix

  • 'Undefined' value error while binding SQL values (when SQL obfuscation is disabled) is addressed and fixed

Version 1.2


New Feature

  • High memory usage reported by users are addressed in this agent version. Backtrace was captured for every event happening in the application, which has caused the memory leak

Version 1.1.3

15- 11-2016 


  • Incorrect start time for transactions reported by users has been addressed and fixed
  • Users can now provide license key and application name via ENV variables using keys S247_LICENSE_KEY & APM_APPLICATION_NAME respectively

Version  1.1.2


Issue Fix

  • Fixed bad requests(HTTP code 400) send by agent to our servers

Version 1.1.1



  • Users can use ENV variables in apminsight.conf for agent configuration

Issue Fix

  • When agent has moved to DELETED state, server failed to start on first attempt. Issue has been addressed

Version  1.1



  • Users can now apply transaction merge patterns to merge transction of same kind

Issue Fix

  • Issue with HTTPS connection failure with proxy configuration has been addressed and fixed

Version  1.0


New Feature

  • Agent can now track all the web transactionand database transactions happening in the Rails applciation


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