Audit Logs

Audit log records all the events in your Site24x7 account and helps you drill down and identify the various changes made to your account profile. It documents the various resources that were accessed including the timestamp, monitor configuration & report setting changes, outages, addition/deletion/modification of monitors or monitor groups, user login information, and other detailed parameters. The detailed parameter for every selected log is syntax corrected and shown as a JSON response.

Access Audit Logs

  1. Login to Site24x7 web client.
  2. Go to Admin > Operations > Audit Logs.
  3. You can view all the past events in your Site24x7 account segregated based on their timestamp, resource name, resource type, type of action (Created/Updated/Deleted), user records, and indepth parameters. You can click the Download CSV button to export all the details on the page.

  4. Sort audit logs based on your custom date range or search and filter audit logs by simply typing the relevant text in the search field.
    Site24x7 records audit logs of the past one year. Hence, you can make a date selection ranging a year back from your selected date.
  5. Click on a relevant row to view the detailed monitor parameters.
  6. Once you click on the row of your preference, a new audit log pop-up will open with the following details:
    • Time: The time at which the action was performed on the resource.
    • Resource Name: The name assigned to the resource.
    • Type: The category of the resource. For instance, the resource can be a Monitor or a Monitor Group, etc.
    • Action: The type of action that was performed on the resource, which can include the modification, addition or removal of a resource.
    • Performed By: The name of the user who performed the action.
    • Changes: The modifications that were applied to the resource. Will be displayed only for update requests.
    • Parameters: The configuration that was applied to the resource during the action.
    • Previous Parameters: This denotes the configuration that existed before the modification of the resource.
Changes and Previous Parameters will be available for all updates made after 29 November, 2021.

Please refer to our API documentation for further information.

  • Audit logs of MSP users can also be logged. MSP users can view them by navigating to Admin > Audit Logs from their Site24x7 MSP web client.
  • Any sensitive data present in the audit logs is encrypted for security purposes.
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