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Deep discovery for internet services

Deep Discovery for Internet Services lets you intelligently discover all the internet resources behind your hosted domains. During deep discovery, Site24x7 auto-discovers and suggests all probable internet service monitors for that specific domain/sub-domains with the help of an intuitive wizard. You can achieve deep visibility into the complete end-user experience for your domain. Being an API driven discovery process, all probable monitor types for a specific domain are listed dynamically using a GET API request. You can further achieve better visibility over your domain resources by ensuring frequent auto discovery of any new resources being deployed and further monitoring them successfully.

Whenever you create any of the following internet service monitors for your domain in Site24x7, viz., Website, Web Page Analyzer, SSL certificate, DNS Server, REST API, SOAP, Ping, Brand Reputation, Real-time Blocklist, and Port monitors–Site24x7 auto-discovers and adds all the related internet service resources of that domain for monitoring. All resources of your domain that are discovered and added to your account will be automatically grouped together to form a Monitor Group. Additionally, whenever you set up auto discovery of AWS resources, the discovery wizard simultaneously detects and adds all the publicly available domains hosted on Amazon Route 53 and domain for your internet facing elastic load balancer that are eligible for internet services monitoring. Site24x7 also allows you to discover all your intranet resources.

Following are the list of internet service resources that are detected during deep discovery of a domain/sub-domain:

  • Website monitor
  • Web Page Analyzer
  • SSL Certificate monitor
  • SMTP Service monitor
  • DNS monitor
  • Domain Expiry monitor
  • Brand Reputation
  • Real-time Blocklist

Understanding the Concept

Discovery of website and internet service monitors

Understand more about the functioning of the deep discovery wizard for internet service monitors. Deep discovery process involves the following steps:

  1. Login to your Site24x7 account.
  2. Create a website or internet service monitor.
  3. Once your monitor setup is completed–Site24x7 deep discovery wizard takes over–detects and displays all the possible internet service resources for your domain.

    Deep discovery for internet services is initiated only when you add any of the following monitor types in your Site24x7 account, viz., Website, Web Page Analyzer, SSL certificate, DNS server, REST API, Ping, Brand Reputation, Real-time Blocklist,  and Port monitors. All domains related to your domain will also be listed as Other resources.

  4. Choose the resources that you wish to setup for monitoring. Mark the appropriate resources. Click Add Selected Monitors. Click Skip to Monitor Dashboard to end the process.

  5. Your chosen monitors are added automatically to your Site24x7 account; further, they can be viewed in the Monitor Details page in Home tab.

    You can modify the deep discovery settings by accessing the link provided at the bottom.

Deep Discovery Settings

The deep discovery settings will help you define your account's discovery filter; thus, making it easy for you to administer the discovery actions.

Discovered Resources

Based on your preferred discovery setting, you can view the list of resources that were detected during the previous discovery. This can be accessed by following the steps below:

  • Login to Site24x7.
  • Click Help Assistant.
  • Click View List & Add in the Internet Services section listed under Incomplete Setup.

    The View List & Add link  will be visible only when some resources are discovered. If no resources are discovered, this link will not be visible.

    You can click Skip, if you do not wish to view the discovered resources list.

  • You can either choose to add selected resources or cancel the process altogether. Internet services resources those were detected during the previous discovery cycle are listed here.

Learn more about SSL certificate monitors.

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