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VMware Resource Pool Monitoring

Optimize and manage the resources allocated to virtual machines (VMs) with VMware Resource Pool monitoring. Avoid resource contention in your CPU and RAM by monitoring all your critical resource pool metrics.


Adding a VMware resource pool monitor

A VMware resource pool monitor can be discovered automatically while adding a VMware ESX/ESXi monitor.

Polling: You can choose how would you prefer your monitors to be polled—via VMware vCenter or the individual VMware ESX/ESXi host credential. Learn more about VMware polling.

To add a resource pool monitor for an existing VMware ESX/ESXi monitor: 

  1. Click the name of your VMware ESX/ESXi monitor to open it in a new dashboard.
  2. In the monitor's dashboard, click on the hamburger icon near the name of the monitor, and click Edit
  3. In the add monitor form that opens up, enable monitoring Resource Pool by selecting Yes under Discover and auto-add resources.   
  4. Click Save.

You can also discover resource pools while adding a new ESX/ESXi host for monitoring. Adding a resource pool monitor requires On-Premise Poller version 4.2.7 and above.

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