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Log in to Site24x7 and go to Admin > Server Monitor > Settings. The settings and preferences can be modified only by a Site24x7 Super Admin.

  • Auto upgrade agent when a new version is available: 
    This option, when set to Yes, intiates automatic agent upgrade once a new version is released. Once a new version is available, the older agents will be updated to the latest version in batches on the basis of a schedule. By default, option Yes is selected. You can also bulk upgrade the server monitoring agent
  • Auto discover applications on the server:
    This option, when set to Yes, auto-discovers Microsoft Windows applications (like IIS, SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V, SharePoint) once the Windows agent is installed or Docker containers once the Linux agent is installed. If you wish to monitor only the servers, set this option as No. By default, option Yes is selected. 

    Licensing Tip: If you have already used up the specified number of monitors in your Site24x7 account, then the application(s) will be added and suspended immediately. You have to upgrade your Site24x7 account to continue monitoring the applications. 

  • Auto create monitor groups based on domain:
    This option, when set to Yes, creates a monitor group based on the domain information provided once a server monitor is registered with Site24x7 for monitoring. All the servers under this domain will be auto-added to this monitor group. By default, option Yes is selected.  
  • Sync monitor display name with server hostname:
    This option, when set to Yes, will sync the server monitor's display name with the server hostname. By default, option No is selected. 
  • Set threshold for server heartbeat check:
    Customize the time interval at which you want to be alerted during a network communication failure. The server's availability will be decided based on the time interval set here. By default, the value is set at seven minutes, meaning the server monitoring agent will wait for seven minutes before sending an alert to the user on a network communication failure. Set the value to "0" minutes, to opt out of heartbeat check alerts. Learn more on heartbeat check.
  • Alert after server restart:
    This option, when set to Yes, sends an email alert to the user intimating that the server was restarted at that particular time. By default, option No is selected.
  • Set threshold for no data collection:
    Set the time limit for the server monitoring agent to wait before triggerring an alert when the performance and health metrics of a server is not received. Accepted values are above 30 minutes. Enable the alerts in the threshold and availability page.
  • Map and add a server based on hostname:
    This option, when set to Yes, will map the servers based on hostname, while re-adding them to Site24x7 for monitoring. The instance IDs or the UUIDs will not be taken into account once this option is set to Yes. By default, option No is selected. Read a use case.
  • Show Normalized Load Average:
    This option, when set to Yes, will ensure a common threshold value is set for load average, irrespective of the number of CPU cores. By default, option No is selected. This is supported from Linux agent version 17.7.1 and above. Read a use case.
  • Enable StatsD Metrics:
    This option, when set to Yes, will enable the Site24x7 server monitoring agent to collect and aggregate metrics from a custom application. By default, option Yes is selected. Learn more on the Site24x7-StatsD integration

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