What is Cloud Monitoring?

Cloud monitoring is the process of reviewing, observing, and managing the performance of servers, websites, applications, or other cloud-based infrastructure. IT admins, developers, site reliability engineers, or operational staff can leverage a cloud monitoring tool that provides central access and control over the cloud infrastructure.

Why use cloud monitoring tools?

Cloud monitoring tools help proactively detect anomalies or unauthorized changes and improve the maintenance efficiency of the infrastructure. While monitoring the cloud infrastructure using cloud monitoring services, users can obtain a holistic view of metrics and log data that enables them to evaluate individual resource usage, server response time, and predict vulnerabilities to avoid future issues. 

How does cloud monitoring work?

The cloud is a set of web-hosted applications that stores and permits access to data over the internet. To understand how cloud infrastructure is monitored, we need to look into the tool used and gather insights on the best practices for cloud monitoring. The most commonly used tools are developed in-house. Since the integration is easy and there is no additional installation, many companies choose this option.

Another option, preferred by more than 10,000 customers worldwide, is the cloud monitoring tool offered by SaaS providers like Site24x7. With a third-party cloud monitoring tool, you can comprehensively oversee the following:

  • Website monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Database monitoring
  • Virtual machine and network monitoring
  • Public cloud monitoring


The benefits of cloud monitoring 

  • Identify potential threats with clear visibility into application, resource, or user behavior.

  • Maintain performance standards by continuously optimizing the infrastructure.

  • Prevent errors from affecting the end-users by detecting and fixing them.

  • Reduced mean time to repair (MTTR) accomplished through prompt troubleshooting and rapid incident resolution.

  • Be constantly informed of the organization's cloud status because tools are available on multiple devices.