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Our monitoring tool helps to identify performance degradation and outages instantly and more effective than ever. Try out our 50+ plugin integrations to monitor database servers, message brokers, caches, application servers, web servers and more.
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View all your critical metrics in a single dashboard.

Get visibility of all the important parameters of your server performance in a single console

  • The heat map analysis gives you a quick summary on the status and performance of your server over the last seven days
  • System load/uptime
  • CPU/memory/disk utilization
  • Memory breakup
  • Lists down the applications associated with your monitor
  • Down/trouble history
  • Memory breakup

Use our IT Automation tools to automate repetitive tasks and remediate threshold breaches.

 Linux Monitor Overview

50+ plugin integrations to monitor your entire app stack.

Plugins allow you to monitor hosts, devices, services, protocols, applications and all resources, thus giving deep performance visibility into things that matter. Our plugins are supported in various Linux distributions including Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, Madriva, Fedora and Suse, CoreOS, Raspberry Pi and ARM Processor. You can also create custom plugins using Python or Shell script.

Our support for Nagios allow you to execute all your existing Nagios plugins and harness the power of the open source community.

Supported Plugins: GlassFish, MySQL, Redis, Memcached, MongoDB, NGINX, HAProxy, Zookeeper, WordPress, Apache, Zombie Process & more.

Plugin Integrations | Supported Linux Flavors

Monitor your Linux processes and network traffic.

Discover all processes running in your server and oversee critical parameters including:

  • Percentage of CPU/memory used by every process
  • The number of times that particular instance has occurred
  • Thread/handle count

Additionally, obtain a complete description on Linux network metrics including input and output traffic, along with their bandwidth utilization. Gain inputs on:

  • Data sent/received
  • Packets sent/received
  • Error packets
  • Speed and status of the network interface
 Linux processes.

Keep a check on files, directories and syslogs on your server.

Add numerous checks and have all the resources on your server monitored proactively. Be instantly notified when a particular check fails by setting keywords, severity and facility levels. We support:

  • URL and Port monitoring
  • Get to know any change in the status of your files and directories with our File and Directory Monitoring
  • Be notified in real time when specific string patterns are detected using Log File Monitoring
  • Gather knowledge on the severity level, log types, and events by source every five minutes supported with specific graphical data with Syslog Monitoring
Linux Resource Check.jpg

The all-in-one monitoring solution for your server performance.

Create your own customized views based on:

  • Memory - free/used, memory pages/utilization
  • Disk - overall/individual utilization, Disk I/O
  • CPU - Utilization by JVM/by cores, interrupts, and context switches
Linux customization.

How it works.

  • Download and install the agent in your server. Bulk installation can be done using Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, and Ansible
  • The agent will then collect metrics including disk, CPU, memory usage, that can be viewed using our customized dashboard
  • Set thresholds and get instant alerts during outages or when the configured value exceeds

Linux Server Monitoring in Action