Full stack AWS monitoring

From monitoring user experience and instance workloads to troubleshooting code-level issues, optimize every element of your application stack in the cloud.

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Seamless integration with the CloudWatch API.

Setting up and monitoring your native AWS cloud services has never been easier, faster or scalable.

Supported integrations




Network & CDN




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Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Instance level performance stats, system level data, status check failure alerts along with log support to help you analyze every aspect of your compute environment.
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Analyze the behavior of your serverless lambda functions. Troubleshoot function execution errors with log support to tune the performance of your application code.
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Elastic Beanstalk

Alert on environment status, track additional metrics from the OS and web server logs and view events and notifications emitted by your application for a comprehesive view.

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Elastic Container Service

Monitor system resource usage for the infrastructure running your task. Track CPU and memory utilization and reservation metrics on both a cluster and service level to effectively manage your Docker environment. Learn more

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Simple Storage Service (S3)

Monitor the full range of S3 metrics (request, storage and data transfer). Configure checks for your object URL endpoints to measure response time from global locations. Learn more

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Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

Monitor resource usage across a variety of metrics to get complete insight into the operational behavior of your block-level storage volumes attached to your instance.

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Elastic File System (EFS)

Track burst balance, client connections, bytes transferred and more for file systems mounted on EC2 instances and on-premises servers.

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Relational Database Service (RDS)

Native database metrics for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB engine, DB instance performance counters and complete Aurora DB support to help you get the entire picture. Learn more  

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Monitor key performance metrics detailing usage and performance for DynamoDB tables, Global Secondary indexes (GSIs), Global tables, and DynamoDB streams.
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Monitor your Redis and Memcached compliant ElastiCache clusters, identify changing usage patterns and make informed decisions on scaling and optimizing performance.

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Monitor and alert on system metrics like CPU usage, DB connections and more for your data warehouse cluster and compute nodes to optimize performance.

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Elastic Load Balancer

Full monitoring support for all three types of load balancers – Classic, Application, and Network to help you troubleshoot client latency issues and connection errors.
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Set up near real-time alerts on operational data, visualize CloudFront usage, and track trends in metrics like data transfer and requests for each web distribution.

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Direct Connect

Track data transfer, optical signal loss and CRC check errors for the dedicated physical network connection between your on-premise network and AWS Direct Connect location. Learn more

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Monitor activity and connection state for individual VPN endpoints (tunnels) and connection to effectively manage your IPsec connection between your remote network and AWS.

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API Gateway

Monitor API calls, latency, integration latency, 400 and, 500 errors for all API stages associated with your deployment. Drill deep into method-level stats to solve problems in API execution and implementation. Learn more

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S3 Object

Proactively monitor your S3 object URLS. Run automated checks from global locations and be the first to know when they become slow or down. Learn more

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Get complete insight into your real-time streaming data pipeline from source to destination with support for Data Streams, Video Streams, Firehose, and Data Analytics. Learn more

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Monitor and alert on domain metrics like successful requests and index utilization to better manage search clusters and make scaling decisions with confidence.

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Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Configure thresholds for metrics like the number of messages, visible/deleted and age of the oldest message and get notified when your queue stalls or falls behind.

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Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Visualize, monitor and alert on usage metrics to understand the behavior of the pub/sub messaging and notification service powering your distributed application.
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Simple Email Service (SES)

Complete monitoring for email sending events including bounces and complaints across your SES account to help resolve email deliverability issues faster.

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Step Functions

Track state machine metrics like executions started and executions timed out to address run time errors and make changes to your visual workflow with confidence.

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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Observe and alert on metrics like allowed and blocked requests across your web access control lists (web ACLs) and rules to optimize your firewall security configurtion.

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Key Management Service

Know when to reimport key material. Observe and receive alerts on the metric key material expiration for customer managed CMKs whose origin is external.

Everything you need - Dashboards, reports, alerts, all of the shelf.

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Custom Dashboard

Build a personalized dashboard, drag drop visualization widgets and bring together metrics from various tiers of your app stack.

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Guidance Report

Use our 53 best practice recommendation checks and deploy resources like EC2, EBS and ELB inteligently to improve reliability and reduce infrastructure costs.

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Custom Report

Compare and contrast key performance counters across various native cloud services to quickly pinpoint issues in your distributed system.

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Gain monitoring insights and automatically execute operational tasks across AWS resources in response to alert events to remediate issues.

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Monitor groups

Leverage native user-defined tags (key-value pairs) to automatically create monitor groups on the fly.

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Configure webhooks or use our out-of-the box integrations to route notifications to chat and incident management apps you already use.

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Get real-time alerts for status and threshold violations. Also set up multiple alarm conditions and strategies to reduce false positives.

Monitoring made simple.


Automatically discover all infrastructure components and visualize usage and performance with interactive time series graphs and performance charts for each performance counter.

Paste the IAM credentials (Secret Access Key and Access Key ID) or RoleARN in the Site24x7 console to integrate your AWS account with Site24x7.

Leverage system attributes and user-defined metadata to filter in/out any subset of a resource to monitor distinct production resources and reduce CloudWatch API requests.

Automatically discover all infrastructure components and visualize usage and performance with interactive time series graphs and performance charts for each performance counter.

CloudWatch agent integration icon

Total visibility across your dynamic EC2 environment.

Leverage the combined power of Site24x7's server agent and our CloudWatch integration to get more context.

Unify Metrics

Deploy our dynamic server agent on your EC2 instance, combine infrastructure measures from CloudWatch with OS level and application metrics to get unparalleled visibility into your instance fleet. Get process data, monitor file system usage, visualize memory breakup, and get alerted on swap usage at 1 minute granularity.

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Processes and Services

Analyze CPU and memory utilization not only at the instance level but also at the individual process level. Set up thresholds to track CPU, memory, thread, and handle count on each active process.


Monitor various open-source application services like Redis, MySQL, and Apache running on top of your EC2 instance, all out-of-the-box. Support is currently available for more than 60 plugins.

Ease of Deployment

Use shell commands, pass the agent script as user data to your AutoScaling launch configuration or CloudFormation template, or use SCM tools like Chef and Puppet.

Instance Status

Our support for EC2 status checks gives you an accurate, real-time view of the operational status of both your instance and its underlying physical host.

Prebuilt dashboards.

Get a high-level color-coded view to visually monitor the health and performance at a glance.

Get visibility into inventory usage, view resource-level breakdowns for each cloud service across your monitored account.

APM Insight icon

Deep code level insights - APM.

Advanced troubleshooting for applications hosted in the Amazon Web Service platform.

Understand Application Performance

Agent-based instrumentation for applications written in Java, .NET, Ruby, and PHP. Breakdown each transaction to individual components, visualize them from HTTP requests all the way to database statements and see how applications and services communicate with each other.

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Application traces

Our stack trace view displays path or call tree details, where you can view all the methods, SQL/NoSQL DB calls, and external service calls for every transaction.

Database monitoring

Get a detailed overview of all the SQL queries executed. Drill down into an individual operation to see query time, throughput, and the various individual transactions calling that particular DB operation.

Errors and exceptions

View top exceptions grouped by exception class and error code, correlate failed HTTP requests with generated exceptions, and get error stack trace to solve application performance issues.

Elastic Beanstalk support

For Java web applications add our agent JAR to your projects source bundle, for applications written in .NET and PHP place the formatted config file in the ".ebextensions" folder directory.

Provide customers who are migrating to the cloud a scalable infrastructure monitoring solution as a value-added service. Our MSP plan is tailor-made for CSPs and MSPs who are looking to meet the AWS Managed Service Program requirements.

  • Multi-tenant 

    Manage all of your customers' AWS environments from a secure, centralized control panel using a single Site24x7 subscription license, with consolidated billing to boot.

  • Cloud scale 

    Purely SaaS, there's no hardware to buy or systems to maintain, we'll continue to monitor and collect data even when your customer base and their infrastructure starts to grow.

  • White label

    You can apply your own company's branding or create a customized monitoring portal for each client with a unique URL using their company's name and logo.

  • Security

    Site24x7 is designed to protect your business data, and is AICPA SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified.

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"As a team of cloud architects offering solutions on the Amazon Web Services platform, we feel monitoring forms a vital aspect in delivering value to our customers. Up until then, we were using Ansible playbooks to configure CloudWatch Alarms and metrics; then we started using Site24x7, the perfect full stack monitoring partner, that provided the all-important extra layer of functionality above CloudWatch. Robust APIs, alert integrations, strong focus on AWS monitoring and a great relationship with the people at Site24x7 have helped us lower costs for customers and provided us with a satisfying experience"

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Tom De Blende
Solutions Architect

Monitor away from your desk.

View the status and performance of your cloud server instances, native AWS cloud services, and other application dependencies on the move.
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