State of IT Management Survey Report 2020-21

The fast changing IT management landscape has catapulted itself into an advancement, which otherwise might have taken a good few years to achieve the same. Thanks to accelerated digital transformation and unanticipated remote work becoming mainstream, largely due to the pandemic.

This IT management survey from Site24x7, the cloud based IT monitoring solution from Zoho Corp., is an effort to understand the state of the IT management amidst some of these radical changes and its exigencies.

Respondent Profile

Site24x7 surveyed 613 IT professionals across a range of topics, organization sizes and geographies.


We have broadly categorized the respondents into five major regions: USA & Canada, APAC, Europe, LATAM, and MEA. We have labeled the survey respondents who did not disclose their country of residence as "Unknown".


Organizations that have employees above 1000 are considered as enterprises. 41% of the overall respondents were small businesses, 32% of the respondents were from medium businesses and 27% of the respondents were from enterprises.

            Pie chart showing the total number of respondents divided by industry vertical


The survey had respondents from 13 different industry verticals, out of which close to 47% are from Information technology followed by financial services (13%), education (8%) and manufacturing (7%).

Pie chart showing the total number of respondents divided by respondent role/designation


IT admin contributed to 40% responses, 15% are DevOps/SREs, and 10% are VP-IT / IT Director / Enterprise Solution Architect. 12% of respondents are C-suite and business owners.