Website Management | Europe

Key Findings

Average number of domains #

43% of respondents reported that they manage anywhere between 10-100 domains.

The average number of website domains managed - EU

DNS Services #

44% of the respondents reported that they run their DNS servers.

DNS services used - EU

Website hosting issues #

71% of respondents reported renewing SSL certificates/domains as the primary issue faced during website hosting.

Website hosting issues faced - EU

Importance of website monitoring #

Managing user experience and ensuring regional availability are both (58%) the primary reasons for using website monitoring solutions.

Why do organizations use a website monitoring solution? - EU

Infrastructure Management | Europe

Key Findings

Infrastructure provisioning #

54% of respondents reported infrastructure as code (IaC) as the preferred way of provisioning infrastructure, closely followed by scripts (51%).

How are organizations provisioning their infrastructure? -  EU

Container orchestration services #

Docker Enterprise (55%) is the top-used container service in production, followed by Kubernetes (45%).

Container and orchestration services used in production - EU

Container technology adoption #

58% of respondents reported developer productivity improvement as the primary reason for adopting container technology, followed by infrastructure cost savings (53%).

Primary reasons for adopting container technology - EU

Containerization challenges #

63% of respondents reported infrastructure set up as the primary challenge for container delivery pipelines.

Containerization challenges - EU

Patch Management #

62% of respondents reported that they apply updates to the software every month using an automated patch management tool.

State of patch management - EU

Data backup techniques #

58% of respondents reported storing copies of data on multiple data centers. 50% said they use a third-party solution for scheduling and automating backups.

Data backup strategies - EU

Application Management | Europe

Key Findings

Version control software #

40% of respondents use GitLab as version control, with more than 34% using GitHub.

Tools used for version control - EU

performance issues in production #

67% of respondents reported performance bottleneck as the major issue faced in production applications, followed by functionality breakages (50%).

Major production issues faced - EU

Ensuring app performance #

50% of respondents reported monitoring end-user experiences as the top method to ensure consistent application performance, followed by load testing tools (44%), identifying infrastructure bottlenecks (38%).

How are organizations ensuring consistent application performance? - EU

Managing breaking changes #

68% of respondents reported production monitoring as the best method to manage breaking changes, followed by manual testing (54%).

How are organizations managing breaking changes? - EU

IT Ops Management | Europe

Key Findings

Data center challenges #

53% of respondents reported reducing operating costs as the top challenge faced in data center management, followed by real-time monitoring (38%) and capacity planning (35%).

Data center management challenges - EU

Data center outages #

Server crashes and code issues are both (43%) the top reason for data center outages.

Primary reasons for data center outages - EU

Common WAN issues #

Insufficient bandwidth and network connectivity problems are both (48%) the top WAN issues faced.

Common WAN issues - EU

Improvement areas #

Incident management and CI/CD pipelines are both (51%) areas that require the most improvement.

What are some of the areas related to IT operations that organizations want to improve? - EU

Impact of AIOps #

78% of the respondents reported that AIOps reduce alarm noise.

How AI/ML can help improve IT operations? - EU

Monitoring expectations #

81% of the respondents reported genuine alerts as the chief expectation of a monitoring tool, closely followed by dashboards and reports for troubleshooting (75%).

IT monitoring tool expectations - EU

Average no of monitoring tools #

44% of respondents reported they use two monitoring tools.

The average number of monitoring tools used - EU