WebLogic Monitoring

Have a 360 degree view of the health of your Java application running on the WebLogic application server with performance metrics of all components from URLs to SQL queries.

Develop deep insights into your WebLogic JVMs Performance

Ensure your JVM usage is under control with the help of critical performance metrics:

  • CPU Usage reports.
  • JVM runtime memory reports.
  • Heap and Non-heap memory usage reports.
  • JIT compiler usage reports.
  • JVM loaded and unloaded classes count reports.
  • Reports showing detailed data on the different Garbage Collectors being used.
  • Reports for showing thread count on the application server.
 Trace Tab

Monitor WebLogic server performance using traces

Run traces and view the entire work flow of application components in detail. Identify which invocations are running slow, take corrective action and improve performance of your Webslogic server.

 Traces Tab

Monitor your Oracle WebLogic database operations

Identify slow database calls, memory usage and overall performance of the database in detailed graphical and tabular representations.

Database Tab