Introducing all new Alarms View
Incident management via the all new Alarms View.

Site24x7's all new Alarms View lets you easily keep a tab on all the monitor issues in your configured Site24x7 account by grouping all Site24x7 alerts by monitor name and severity. The alarm classification based on the severity levels helps you pin-point alarms that need to be given the highest priority. Additionally, you can also assign alarms to any technician according to the need.


  • Assign incidents to a technician and hence know who is working on a problem
  • Identify incidents that need attention
  • Add comments to the incident for collaboration with other technicians
  • View all down/trouble alerts grouped under a unified dashboard
  • Classify Alarms based on filters set up for monitor type, severity and acknowledgement status
  • Alarm details page for each down/trouble alarm-providing in-depth information on the alarm and easy access to alert and log reports
Revamped Status Page now allows adding Announcements.

Now achieve timely, accurate, and transparent status reporting with Site24x7's revamped status page. Key enhancements include:


  • Make announcements in the Status Page to share important service related information
  • Announcements can be set to stay pinned on top of the status page for a specific time period
  • View incident history grouped by date
  • Drill down into an individual monitor to gain insights into detailed monitor metrics
  • New design theme facilitates simplified navigation inside the status page
  • Customize the logo, URL, and footer notes to promote your brand image and ensure easy accessibility
  • Other cool enhancements in the pipeline
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All new NOC dashboard.

A brand new NOC dashboard designed exclusively for network teams offers a refreshing new tile view with real-time status of all monitors configured in the account.

The NOC dashboard renders live status of individual monitors and accommodates up to 10K monitors in a single view. In the event of a sudden change in the monitor status, the relevant monitor tile flickers for 30 seconds to highlight this change.

Third-party integrations.

Synchronize your data with other third-party services and easily build powerful and efficient workflows for your business that'll help you focus on increasing engagement and revenue.

Integrate your Site24x7 data with multiple services viz., PagerDuty, Zapier, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand and ManageEngine AlarmsOne.

Notification profile.

Configure notification policies for individual monitors and decide when and who to escalate alerts to. A notification profile helps you choose whether to send RCA reports via email for downtime, decide on the downtime delay for notification, manage persistent notifications, decide on contact groups for status escalation and much more.

Additionally, you can also configure email templates that help you customize the content of an alert email sent and even decide whether to notify users if your monitor status is "Down" or in "Trouble" even after executing selected actions.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) report.

RCA report offers wide range of stats that help you detect the real reason that triggered a downtime and thus, prevent similar future occurrences.

A trace route analysis helps you understand if there is an ISP throttling or not. Ping analysis chart offers visibility into response time for your servers. Downtime screenshots let you identify the error that your website visitor had encountered while it was down; finally, a conclusion on what caused the downtime is also provided at the end of the report.

Push notifications.

Push notifications keep you updated about any status change of your Site24x7 monitors. You can receive instant push notifications on your Site24x7 Android/iOS Apps and on other native browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Learn how to set up and manage your native browser push notifications.

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  • Slack and HipChat integration
  • Anomaly reporting
  • Subgrouping in monitor groups
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