Mobile monitoring for apps and websites

Mobile monitoring helps in tracking the availability and performance of applications from a mobile device anywhere, at any time. This enables you to gauge the performance of your applications from a mobile device perspective. With Site24x7's mobile monitoring, you can add a mobile network poller as a monitoring location and then monitor the availability and performance of websites, web apps, and other online services within your enterprise's network.

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Key features of Site24x7 mobile monitoring

Monitor the mobile web using your mobile phone

Convert your mobile phone into a monitoring location and get insight into various critical metrics like availability, response time, downtime, and more from a real mobile device.

Track via 3G/4G networks and Wi-Fi

Set up multiple devices using different service providers to monitor your mobile websites. Monitoring works via a 3G or Wi-Fi network or other connectivity options present on the phone.

Keep tabs on the performance of APIs

Monitor end-user experience of mobile apps by tracking the performance of custom APIs used by native mobile apps and get insight into different performance metrics.

Stay on top of enterprise mobile apps

Monitor enterprise mobile apps that run within the corporate network. This gives you the flexibility of monitoring enterprise mobile services.

Monitor mobile apps using a mobile network poller

Enhance the mobile user experience

Proactively identify and fix application issues

Stay updated around the clock with real-time updates

How to set up the mobile monitoring app on your phone


Step 1

Create a Site24x7 account.

Step 2

Download the Mobile Network Poller app on your Android device from Google Play.

Step 3

Register the Android device with your Site24x7 account and start monitoring!



Step 1

Create a Site24x7 account.

Step 3

Download the Mobile Network Poller app on your iPhone or tablet from the App Store.

Step 3

Register the device with your Site24x7 account and start monitoring!


FAQs about the mobile monitoring tool

1. What is mobile monitoring?

Mobile monitoring refers to the methods and tools utilized for supervising and assessing the performance, functionality, and user experience of mobile applications and services. It's essential in addressing the specific challenges associated with mobile computing, including the variety of devices, operating systems, network conditions, and modes of user interaction. Mobile monitoring tools and practices aim to ensure that mobile apps meet performance standards, provide a seamless user experience, and function correctly across all targeted devices and networks.

Mobile app monitoring is essential for delivering high-quality, reliable, and secure applications that meet user expectations and business objectives. It helps developers to proactively identify and address issues, optimize performance, and continuously improve the user experience.

  • Performance optimization
  • Monitoring helps identify performance issues such as slow loading times, crashes, or high resource consumption, allowing developers to optimize app performance and provide a smooth user experience.

  • Enhancing the end-user experience
  • Monitoring helps ensure that apps function as intended across different devices, screen sizes, and network conditions, leading to higher user satisfaction and engagement.

  • Detecting bugs and easy debugging
  • Monitoring helps detect bugs, errors, and inconsistencies early on, enabling developers to address them promptly and improve app stability.

  • Ensuring security
  • Monitoring helps detect security vulnerabilities, unauthorized access attempts, or data breaches, allowing developers to implement necessary security measures and protect user privacy.

  • Fine-tuning the platform
  • Monitoring provides valuable insights into how users interact with mobile apps. Analyzing user behavior, usage patterns, and performance metrics helps developers understand user needs and preferences, guiding future app improvements and updates.

Once the app is installed, the data for the resources you’ve created will be available in the application. This includes performance data from real users' interactions with the mobile application, like app load time, response time, and user interactions. Also, user interactions with the application will be simulated from various geographic locations and network conditions. All the data will be available as dashboards and reports for easy reference.

Furthermore, Site24x7 conducts real-time monitoring of mobile app crashes and exceptions. Upon a crash event, detailed crash reports are generated, offering crucial information such as device specifications, operating system details, and stack traces. This facilitates swift issue resolution, minimizing downtime and user dissatisfaction. Moreover, Site24x7 monitors the performance and availability of mobile APIs relied upon by the app, ensuring responsive backend services and a seamless user experience.

To facilitate immediate action, businesses can set up custom alerts and notifications based on predefined thresholds. This ensures relevant stakeholders are promptly informed when performance issues or downtime occur, enabling swift response and resolution. Additionally, Site24x7 furnishes detailed reports and analytics on mobile app performance, availability, and user experience. These insights enable businesses to identify performance trends, track progress over time, and make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize the app.

Offer a seamless mobile experience using Site24x7 mobile monitoring

Use mobile monitoring to track the availability and performance of web applications and measure the user experience for your applications over 3G, 4G, 5G, or internal networks.