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Our subscription model for MSP plan brings onboard a concept of basic monitors and advanced monitors based on the type of monitors. The subscription plan offers a set number of basic monitors, advanced monitors, RUM Pageviews, Network Interfaces, AppLogs, and Alert Credits with it. For the first 30 days of your MSP account's evaluation period, you get to freely setup 250 monitors, which includes upto 50 Advanced monitors, 500K RUM page views, 500 Network Interfaces, 5 GB AppLogs, 1 Mobile APM and 10 Alert Credits. An upgraded MSP plan offers 53 monitors, which includes upto three Advanced monitors, 500K RUM page views, 50 Network Interfaces, 1GB AppLogs for MSP Admin, 200MB Logs for every MSP Customer, and 150 Alert Credits, by default. You can further top-up your plan by purchasing additional add-ons and alert credits. Learn more about MSP pricing. We support payment via Credit Card, Paypal and Purchase Order. All payments via Credit Card or PayPal will be auto renewed based on the payment duration opted by you.

How Can I ?

Purchase Alert Credits (SMS/Voice):

Voice or SMS alerts allow you to instantly receive critical downtime alerts via a voice synthesized phone call or an SMS. Incase you've exhausted your default alert credits for the month, you will also be able to purchase additional alert credits as per your need.

  1. Log in to Site24x7 MSP webclient.
  2. Click Admin > Subscriptions.
  3. Click Purchase Alert Credits.
  4. You will be routed to Manage Site24x7 Subscription screen. Here, click Buy Now  listed under Manage Non-recurring Add-Ons

  5. Choose the appropriate alert pack from the drop down list. Click Continue.

    Alert Credits can be purchased by choosing an appropriate count from the drop down viz., 50, 100, 250, 500, and 2500 Alert Credits.


    The alert credits under an Alert Pack are valid for both SMS and Voice alerts and will be charged based on the usage of your SMS or Voice alerts.
    1 SMS = 1 credit
    1 Voice alert in US /Canada = 1 credit
    1 Voice alert outside US = 2 credits

  6. Verify your alert credit count and click Continue  to purchase additional alert credits. 
  7. A confirmation message about the purchased alert credit is displayed.

Alert Credits Auto Top-up:

Alert Credits Auto Top-up option can be used to receive uninterrupted sms/voice call  notifications. This option is available for credit card and pay pal users. To enable Auto Top-up option, navigate to Admin > SubscriptionEnable Auto Top-up / Update Auto Top-up.
Provide details in the following fields:

  • Enable Auto Top-up: Use the Alert Credits auto top-up option to auto recharge your alert credits when they go below the desired limit.
  • Configure Threshold: Provide a threshold limit to get your alert credits auto recharged, when your credits drop below this limit.
  • Alert Credits for Top-up: Choose the number of Alert Credits to be added when your credit count goes below the threshold limit.

You can change the set Threshold and the Select Credit Top-up value or disable the Alert Top-up option later using the Update Auto Top-up button. 

The MSP Admin can enable the Auto Top-up option for the customers under the Apply License section. This can be done only if the MSP admin has enabled the Auto Top-up option for his account. The MSP admin can set the threshold for the individual customers.


It is always advisable to have a larger threshold limit and credits set for the MSP account.

Hourly Billing

The Hourly Billing option helps you to add specific monitor types even after using all  the monitors in your license pack. Scaling up your environment is  hassle free with the Hourly Billing option. For example, If you need to scale up the number of servers you use, you can add more servers using this option. The monitors under the Hourly Billing option will be charged based on the number of hours for which they are used.

Eligibility for the Hourly Billing option
Only customers who are either credit card users or recurring PayPal account holders are eligible for the Hourly Billng option.

How it works             

Hourly Billing can be enabled by an MSP admin for selected customers. 

 To enable the option:               

1. Login to your Site24x7 MSP account.
2. Go to Admin > Subscriptions.
3. Click on the Configure Hourly Billing option provided next to the Hourly Pricing option and then click on the Enable button in the Hourly Billing pop-up that opens. Hourly Billing for selected MSP customers will be enabled.

To disable the Hourly Billing option for selected customers you can disable the check boxes near each customer. 


To enable or disable Hourly Billing option for selected customers,navigate to Subscriptions and click Apply License for that customer.

Hourly Pricing Summary
A summary of Hourly Pricing details will be provided under this section. To see the  summary, click on the Hourly Billing Summary option, in the Subscriptions page.
In the pop-up that opens, the following details will be provided:

  • Month
  • Total number of hours Basic monitors were used.
  • Total number of hours Advanced monitors were used.


Read more about Hourly Billing.

View License and Usage Summary

You can view your Site24x7 account's License and Usage summary in a unified dashboard.

  1. Log in to Site24x7 MSP web client.
  2. Click Admin >Subscriptions.
  3. A banner at the top shows the current subscription plan, subscription renewal date, and the billing users. To explore more about how to add a billing user, click here.


    You can enable the check box next to Allocated Monitor Usage to view your monitor consumption.

  4. You will find your account's current License Summary.
    • Basic Monitors: It gives a quick overview of the total number of basic monitors that you are entitled to use under your MSP subscription plan. By default, you get to use 200 basic monitors and share it among your customer accounts.
    • Advanced Monitors: It provides the total number of advanced monitors you are entitled to use under your MSP subscription plan. By default, you get to use 50 basic monitors and share it among your customer accounts.
    • RUM Page Views: Shows the total RUM page views available in your account. You are entitled to use 500K RUM page views, which you can distribute among your customers.
    • Network Interfaces: Shows the total number of Network Interfaces that can be utilized in your account. By default, you get to use 500 Network Interfaces, which you can share among your users based on preference.
    • AppLogs: Shows the maximum upload limit of AppLogs in your account. A paid license comes with 1GB AppLog upload limit, by default. Additionally, each customer account is individually provided a Log upload limit of 200MB. You can expand the AppLogs upload limit by purchasing additional 10GB logs for 10$/month.
    • Mobile APM: Shows the number of the Mobile APM instances allocated for this customer account.
    • Alert Credits Left: Displays the total SMS/Voice alert credits available in your account. By default, each customer account gets to use 10 alert credits, which can be extended based on individual customers' needs.

Applying License for Individual Customer Accounts

The MSP admins can access the Apply License button to distribute RUM Page views, AppLogs and Alert Credits to individual Customer accounts.


  • You can allocate RUM Page views to an individual customer account, in multiples of 100K page views.
  • A 200MB Log upload limit is provided to every customer account, by default. You can further allocate the upload limit in multiples of 1GB AppLogs/customer account.
  • Individual customer accounts are provided 10 alert credits, by default. Alert Credits can be further allocated to a Customer Account by choosing an appropriate count from the drop down viz., 20, 50, 100, 200, 250, and 500 Alert Credits.

Define Monitor Usage Limit

Being an MSP admin, you can prevent any unforeseen usage of monitors by restricting the monitor usage count in the customer account. This can be achieved by setting an upper usage limit for the basic and advanced monitors, separately. Once you've defined the upper usage limit for the basic monitors, advanced monitors and network interfaces you cannot add more monitors than the set limit, even when you've any unused monitors in the license. Other customer accounts can still use these unused monitors, if needed. You can always modify the usage limit, if you wish to add more monitors later.

All your existing configured monitors will continue to be active, even when your defined usage limit for the monitors is set at a lower value compared to the current usage. Also, if the defined usage limit is set at "0", no monitors can be further added to the account.

Use case:

Let's delve into an example to quantify this further. Say your MSP account has 50 basic monitors and 3 advanced monitors in total. You've also setup two customer accounts, Customer A and Customer B. Now, consider you've defined an upper usage limit of 25 basic and 1 advanced monitors for Customer A, whereas there isn't any upper usage limit defined for Customer B.

In this scenario, the Customer A will be able to add a maximum of 25 basic and 1 advanced monitors only. Assuming Customer A uses 15 basic and 1 advanced monitors from the entitled quota, only 10 basic monitor and no advanced monitors can now be added. Now, if you decide to modify the upper usage limit to 30 basic and 2 advanced monitors for Customer A, the usage limit will be reset accordingly. On the other hand, the Customer B will have access to all the unused monitors, till an upper usage limit is defined.

Renew Subscription:

Site24x7 auto renews your MSP subscription plan on your next renewal date of your payment cycle. This will be available for Credit Cards and PayPay mode of Payment.


  • For offline PO purchases, we accept NET 30 terms for this payment. The account will be upgraded to the MSP plan for a temporary period of 30 days. Upon receiving the invoice, you may pay us within 30 days either through credit card, bank cheque or wire transfer. On failure to receive payment within the given date, the account will be automatically downgraded to the FREE version
  • If you have made an online purchase using credit card or PayPal, subscriptions will be automatically renewed from your account on a recurring basis. The account will be charged automatically on the date when your next payment is due

Downgrade subscription to FREE Plan:

Follow the below instructions to downgrade your paid subscription plan to a FREE plan:

  1. Log in to Site24x7 MSP web client.
  2. Click Admin >Subscriptions.
  3. Click Downgrade Account  link under Zoho Stores.


  4. Click Cancel Subscription listed under Manage Subscription. 
  5. In Feedback form, indicate your reason for cancellation and then click Confirm Downgrade. Mark the checkbox "Downgrade automatically at the end of the current billing cycle," if you wish to postpone the downgrade by the end of the billing cycle.

  6. If you've marked the check box "Downgrade automatically at the end of the current billing cycle", then you will be asked to either Downgrade immediately or resume the Subscription.

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