Manage AWS Logs

While logs are one of the pillars of observability, logging along with monitoring is critical for every IT environment. Especially, with the Amazon Web Services (AWS), analyzing logs is crucial for easily troubleshooting operational issues.

To accomplish this, collect logs from different AWS services, organize, and manage them using an AWS log management tool. This enables you to track the activity, usage, problems, and explore the scope required to optimize the usage, all from the cloud.

Save your time and money on managing AWS logs with Site24x7's centralized log management solution!

Manage logs from different AWS services

Why is it important to manage AWS logs

AWS provides logs for many services, including AWS CloudFront, Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon API Gateway, and AWS CloudWatch, to track user activity and operations for better visibility into your AWS environment. Site24x7 AppLogs collects logs from different services and makes AWS logging easier to manage from one console. Also, managing AWS logs using third-party tools like Site24x7 is essential to:

  • Get notified for unexpected anomalies in logs.
  • Troubleshoot efficiently by linking various logs so you can analyze them contextually.
  • Obtain a holistic view of all AWS logs from one console.
  • Analyze user activity and abstractions at the storage, network, hardware, and security layers.
  • Track security, like user access and critical configuration changes, at every layer.
  • Monitor logs at the granular level for every action and layer.
  • Manage cloud sprawl in a big organizational setup by managing the request load in ELB logs and traffic in VPC logs, helping to cut costs and cut down unwanted usage.
  • Create a dashboard and view key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance.

Comprehensive AWS log analysis for increased visibility and auditability

Be it the applications, virtual machines, microservices on AWS Lambda, Active Directory, or load balancers on different layers—manage them all from one console using Site24x7's log management solution. Search across logs using simple queries, save frequent searches, add them to dashboards, configure alerts, and stay on top of your AWS environment.

Keep your AWS environment secure

Keep your AWS environment secure

AWS CloudTrail logs record unauthorized access and user activity. Misconfigurations and changing identity and access management (IAM) roles are common in Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 environments to track which you have to monitor CloudTrail logs.

Reduce the MTTR with centralized management

Manage all your AWS logs with our centralized log management solution so that you can easily correlate performance metrics and functional issues from a single screen. You can also drill down to the root cause of the issue directly from the dashboard reducing the mean time to repair (MTTR).

Reduce the MTTR with centralized AWS log management
Track related fields across logs

Track related fields across logs

Analyzing different applications that are deployed on AWS simultaneously is necessary to achieve more efficient troubleshooting as failures cascade between applications. You can compare related fields in AWS CloudWatch and your application logs at the same time using related log templates.

Secure your Amazon VPC from intrusions

Analyze the network activity and discover the IPs generating traffic to your Amazon VPC. Ensure that your VPC is not prone to security threats by comparing and analyzing the weekly traffic patterns to spot anomalies, if any.

Secure your Amazon VPC from intrusions
Oversee load balancer performance

Oversee load balancer performance

Check how your applications and traffic are routed and distributed across instances by collecting application and network load balancer logs using the AWS Lambda function. Visualize the distribution across the Availability Zones and the source IPs so that you can quickly identify the source of issues.

Manage cloud sprawl by complementing with AWS monitoring

Monitor applications workloads and track individual resources that run on different AWS services with Site24x7's comprehensive AWS monitoring. Also, analyze AWS billing and implement cost management measures for your entire organization.

Manage cloud sprawl by complementing with AWS monitoring