Why Site24x7

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All-in-one observability platform

Site24x7 monitors all your websites, infrastructure, network, applications, cloud services, and other platforms under one roof, meeting all your enterprise monitoring needs.


Multi-geo tenant architecture

With user- and geography-based information centralized on the cloud, you can access and maintain your enterprise from anywhere across the globe.

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Dedication to privacy and security

Ensuring both legal compliance and ethical standards, we implement GDPR-level privacy policies for every account, covering data ownership, access, and deletion. Our robust security protocols undergo rigorous testing and regular audits to maintain effectiveness.


Holistic IT management suite

Site24x7 is a part of ManageEngine's comprehensive suite of IT management products, encompassing IT service management (ITSM), unified endpoint management (UEM), and security information and event management (SIEM), making it a convenient and versatile solution for diverse IT management needs.

Site24x7's enterprise capabilities


With simple customizations, automation, and deep integrations, you can adapt Site24x7 to your monitoring needs.


Our platform scales elastically, demonstrated by its ability to monitor over 250,000 resources for top enterprise clients.

Dedicated grids

We offer enterprise clients dedicated grids tailored to their monitoring requirements.

High availability

Our integrated data centers are located in the United States, Europe, Australia, India, and China. Every region has a primary and a secondary data center for disaster recovery.

Security, privacy, compliance

We adhere to major security standards and regulations, such as ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC 2, in addition to meeting regional data center security standards.

Dedicated technical account manager

Our enterprise clients benefit from a dedicated technical account manager who conducts weekly follow-up calls to ensure optimal support and service.

Business units

Adopt a single monitoring solution for the entire organization with business units. Streamline IT monitoring and monitor accounts based on business application, geography, type, and resource ownership.

SSO with SAML-based authentication

Enable single sign-on for web applications across various domains and services with authentication based on Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

Integrate with your existing incident management tools

Integrate with third-party ITSM and collaboration tools that your organization uses, like Slack, PagerDuty, or Microsoft Teams.

Our monitoring solutions

End-user Experience Monitoring

Website and internet services monitoring

Your websites serve as the face of your brand. Keep your websites up and available all the time by monitoring them from more than 110 locations around the globe. Monitor web transactions, REST APIs, and any resource that is accessible via internet or hosted behind a firewall.

Real user monitoring (RUM)

Understanding how end users perceive your websites across various geographies, devices, browsers, and ISPs is critical to understand if your websites render as expected. Track user sessions in real time, fix errors instantly, and deliver seamless end-user experience with RUM.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Server monitoring (agent-based)

Staying on top of your server performance is critical for eliminating outages. Monitor your servers, virtual servers, and infrastructure availability and gain insights from over 60 metrics like CPU and memory so you can solve production issues before they affect your business and end users.

Virtualization and container monitoring (Kubernetes)

Having your resources deployed across multiple platforms is common in an enterprise scenario. Be it your virtual machines and virtual desktops (VMware Horizon) on VMware, or other resources on Nutanix or Hyper-V, you can monitor all your virtual server applications. You also track your Docker and Kubernetes deployments.

Hybrid, private, and public cloud monitoring

Cloud-based deployments are popular among enterprises as they make it easy to store, access, and scale data on the cloud. Monitor the health and performance of cloud services and applications hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You can also analyze your AWS budgets and costs using Site24x7 CloudSpend.

Network monitoring

Networks form the base for effective business operations. Network devices like routers, switches, wireless devices, and cloud controllers and their interfaces have to perform at the desired levels to ensure seamless network connectivity. Track the performance of different network components and endpoints and map their topology. Obtain detailed network traffic analysis with NetFlow monitoring.

Application Monitoring

Microsoft applications monitoring

Large enterprises use multiple Microsoft applications for different needs. Ensuring the optimal performance of these applications is critical. Monitor all your Microsoft applications in one place with Site24x7, including Microsoft Exchange, IIS, SQL, Windows server backups, SharePoint, Office 365, Active Directory, and Failover Cluster.

Plugin integrations

Your business may be dependent on different elements from Microsoft applications, cloud servers, cache, databases, web servers, security tools, collaboration tools, and big data. Use our ready-to-use plugin integrations. You can also write custom plugins to monitor legacy platforms, and start monitoring them.

Application Performance Monitoring

Troubleshoot application performance

Customers engage and transact with applications. Hence, tracking application behavior and their impact is crucial. Monitor the health of your applications running on various platforms, such as .NET, Java, Ruby, Node.js, and PHP, and understand different parameters that impact application performance in real time.

Mobile app monitoring

Mobile apps add value and accelerate growth. However, an underperforming mobile app can derail business operations. Track your mobile apps on Android, iOS, and cross-native platforms for real-time data on user sessions, user geography, device, OS, and the app version. Obtain in-depth crash analytics for better troubleshooting.

Log Management

Centralized log analysis for applications

Log generation grows exponentially with business expansion. DevOps teams have to collect, consolidate, and analyze logs from different applications, servers, and network devices for troubleshooting. Site24x7 AppLogs is a centralized log management solution with out-of-the-box features for different log types like Apache, MySQL, Kafka, and cloud logs.

Incident Management

Status pages

As businesses expand, it is important to communicate service disruptions, planned maintenance, and real-time statuses to customers and end users. With Site24x7 StatusIQ, you can build public status pages for your websites and provide business transparency.

Cloud Cost Management


You can analyze your AWS budgets and costs using Site24x7 CloudSpend. Allocate AWS budgets, utilize tags, and create business units for cloud costs to track your AWS cost management journey.

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