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Panopta provides basic website and cloud based server monitoring. It does not support higher level features such as application performance monitoring, real user monitoring, cloud and VM monitoring. With Site24x7, you can monitor all these features in addition to everything that Panopta has to offer.

A complete IT Infrastructure monitoring solution - The key value proposition of Site24x7: a simple-to-use solution that gives you a complete view on the performance and availability of your entire IT infrastructure. In a single portal, you get to monitor the availability and performance of your website, server, network, VMs, applications and much more. With Site24x7 you can monitor all facets of your IT infrastructure and give the key performance boost required for your digital business.

Superior Reporting - With Site24x7, you can gather performance data of resources monitored and generate numerous reports, which can be viewed along a custom-defined hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Obtain exhaustive reports, which will assist you to identify the trends over a stipulated period of time. You also have the option of exporting these reports in CSV, PDF, and email formats for your internal purposes.

Unbeatable Package - If you are not convinced already, the pricing is sure to win you over. Site24x7's Classic plan costs just $89 for 50 Websites or 25 Servers per month as compared to $129 per month that Panopta charges. You also get the option of adding flexible add-ons to monitor any additional websites/servers - a feature which Panopta refuses to offer to its customers.

Detailed Comparison:

Services Offered Site24x7 Panopta
Website Availability and Performance
Basic website checks
Webpage response time
Zero false alerts
We send you a screenshot to prove the website is down

You know better than us
Content checks
Web Transaction (Browser) - Selenium WebDriver
Internet Services
Basic connectivity checks via Ping and TCP port checks
Checks on both IPv4 and IPv6 network services
Network service response time measure and alerting
Ability to monitor services on both public and private networks
Packet loss detection and trace route diagnostics
POP Server/IMAP Server/SMTP Server basic connectivity
Login sessions
Outlook Web Access
Mail Delivery time measurement
DNS Server Monitoring
FTP and SSH session checks
Database Monitoring (connectivity and sessions)
Support for all SSL encrypted versions of service checks
Web Transaction Monitoring using Real Browser for apps from a global perspective - outside your own datacenter
(Across 90+ Cities Globally)

(Across 30 Cities Globally)
Web Transaction behind the firewall (from inside your own data center)
With the Site24x7 On-Premise Poller feature
Real User Monitoring
Ruby On Rails
Native Mobile Apps (Mobile APM) - iOS and Android
Network Monitoring
Network Uptime Monitoring using SNMP
Network Performance Monitoring using SNMP
Network Traffic Monitoring (NetFlow Monitoring)
Cisco IPSLA-based VoIP Monitoring
Server Monitoring
macOS X Monitoring
VMware Monitoring
Nutanix Monitoring
AWS Monitoring
Amazon EC2, RDS Instances, S3 buckets
Other Features
IT Automation
Support for monitor grouping
Multi-User login
On-Call scheduling
API Integration that allows you to integrate with your own portal
Unrestricted number of Public Status pages
Available only in the higher valued packs
Voice call, SMS, emails and mobile apps
Alarm management
Integration with PagerDuty/Zapier
Email, chat and phone support
Available from Pro pack

Available only in the highest value pack
Sample Pricing
20 Websites and 20 Servers $69/month $99/month
Buy Add-ons Yes - Customise based on your needs No
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This is what some of our customers have to say:

Site24x7 gives us visibility into end user UI experience from global locations which is critical for our business. The instant alerting capabilities keep us on top of issues and helps us minimize end user impact. Thanks for the great service.

Sarah Kulp

Director of software operations at Informz

Site24x7 is outstanding in the way it provides a swiss-army knife of various network monitoring tools at an affordable price.

Sridhar Pandurangiah

Director of software operations at Informz

Site24x7 is great! It's easy to use and I use it as a supplement to our existing monitoring systems which are often changing. The email alerts are really well done!

Peter Bengtsson

I often know before my competitors do when their applications go offline. You can't beat information like this! Thank you for providing this valuable service.