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Monitis will be completely shut down by July 2021. TeamViewer acquired Monitis and is asking customers to move to TeamViewer Web Monitoring. However, TeamViewer Web has very few features like uptime monitoring, page load monitoring, and transaction monitoring. Customers also report that several critical alerting and platform features are missing.

This is why we suggest using Site24x7 which is an established and reliable monitoring solution. Its comprehensive monitoring goes beyond website monitoring, covering monitoring and troubleshooting for applications, servers, network infrastructure, and the cloud.

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Site24x7 vs Monitis

Services Offered Site24x7 Monitis
Web Monitoring
Website Performance Monitoring
Synthetic Transaction Monitoring
Website Performance Monitoring from Global Perspective
(Over 130 Cities Globally)

(Over 30+ cities Globally)
Full-page Load Monitoring
Internet Services Uptime Monitoring (DNS Server, FTP Server, SMTP Server, POP Server, IMAP Server, Ping, Port (Custom Protocol) )
Email Round-Trip Time (ERT) Monitoring
SSL Certificate Monitoring
REST API Monitoring
SOAP Web Service Monitoring
Web Transaction behind the firewall (from inside your own data center)
With the Site24x7 On-Premise Poller feature
Website Defacement Monitoring
Blacklist Monitoring
Safe Browsing Monitoring
TCP Port Monitoring
Real User Monitoring
Real-time Global Application Performance
Monitor and Manage JavaScript Errors
Real-time Website Performance stats by ISPs, Devices and Browsers
Monitor Ajax Requests
Agent-based Auto-instrumentation
SDK based API Instrumentation
Network Monitoring
Network Uptime Monitoring using SNMP
Device Templates and Support for 10000+ Devices
SNMP Trap Processing
Network Topology Maps
Layer 2 Network Maps
Network Traffic Monitoring (NetFlow Monitoring)
VoIP Monitoring
Server Monitoring
VMware Monitoring
Docker Monitoring
Windows Applications Monitoring (IIS, SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V)
Nutanix Monitoring
Kubernetes Monitoring
Agentless Server Monitoring
Custom Plugins
Multi-cloud Monitoring
Amazon EC2, RDS Instances, S3 buckets
Azure Monitoring
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Monitoring
Log Monitoring
Collect, Consolidate, and Index Logs from Multiple Servers
Event Logs and SysLogs Monitoring
Out of box support for common application - MySQL, Kafka, Apache, Tomcat, NGINX, and Logstash
Query-based Searching
Log Alerts
Platform Features
Support for Monitor Grouping and Management
Free Tools
Status Pages to show service status to customers
Maintenance Period
Resource Organization using Tags
Setting Monitor Dependencies
Threshold based Alerting
Configuration rules for Automatic association of Properties
Email Reports
Out-of-the-box Reports
Log Reports
Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Status Reports on all sites/IPs
SLA Management & Reporting
IT Automation
Multi-User Login
Email, Voice Calls, and Mobile App
SMS Alerts
Alarm Management
Third Party Integrations
Only email integration is available
Only email integration is available
Microsoft Teams
ConnectWise Manage
ManageEngine AlarmsOne
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
Secure Login Features
SSO Capability
Biometrics Authentication
Two-factor Authentication
Okta login Support
AD Integration
Ability to restrict IP addresses
Password Policy
AI-powered Monitoring
Anomaly Detection
Support Options
Knowledge Base
Video Tutorials
Starts From $9/month $12/month
Free Trial 30 days 15 days
No Credit Card required
Free Account
Subscription based
Price ( For users migrating from Monitis) Send us your Monitis Panel screenshot / invoice and we will give you a 10% discount over what you pay Monitis. If your Monitis account is still active, you do not have to wait for it to expire. Your Site24x7 account is free during that period.



Uptime checks for 50 URLs/Servers
10min check frequency
Email notifications
Uptime check for 1 URL
5min check frequency
Email notifications
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