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VMware monitoring - multiple locations

Would you be able to add the option of a second poller for VMware monitoring. This would allow improve it for us in case of a site specific failure and provide more accurate outage information, if you could also add an option to choose a primary poller this would improve further and help to reduce false down alerts.

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Currently, we don't have an option to monitor a VMware monitor with more than one OnPremise Poller as monitoring locations. 
As a work around, you can try duplicating the VMware monitor and monitor the same with a second OnPremise Poller. This would cost you an additional basic monitor license. 
Also, can you please elaborate on your use case so we can understand your need to have more than one OnPremise Poller to monitor a VMware resource.
We are also working on a new feature - OnPremise Poller High Availability, which takes care of switching the monitors to an alternate OnPremise Poller incase if the main OnPremise Poller goes down. 
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Hi Krishna

We currently monitor the VC and 45 hosts(we want to expand this to 3 x VC and 80+ hosts), so adding each one again would take up a lot of additional basic monitor licences. It would also prove tricky to have to check whether a monitor was down from a single location or both in the event of an outage. 

The use case is we run VMware split into multiple separate clusters across 2 sites. If the on-prem poller fails we would lose all VMware monitoring. Also if we experienced a site related issue we would get false positives for the 2nd site as the poller would not be able to communicate that the VMware resources were up.

OnPremise Poller High Availability sounds interesting but lI do not see why we shouldn't be able to monitor a single resource ie ESXi host from multiple poller in the same way we would an internal website. That way we would cover ourselves for both situations described above. 

I'm also very keen for the Hardware alerting to be implemented for VMware, I see that you can monitor the hardware but there is no way of us being alerted which is one thing holding us back from moving all of our VMware into Site24x7. 


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