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Unable to locate element - reported by a recorded script on a heavy responsive ajax/react one page app.


Trying to monitor a site that has a login page rendered on the fly but it fails with

> Unable to locate element "name=locationId" in step - 1 "Step - 1 : Loading -_URL_

Here how the script starts

begin_step("Step - 1 : Loading - https://www.mydomain.com/p...", "https://www.mydomain.com/public/context/login/backdoor/index.html")
click_element_by_name("locationId", "", "#SEP#name=locationId#SEP#css=input[name=\"locationId\"]#SEP#css=.jss9#SEP#xpath=//div[@id='app-root']/div/div/div[2]/form/div/div/div/input#XPATH#/html/body/div/div/div/div[2]/form/div/div/div/input#XPATH#//input[@name='locationId']#XPATH#/html/body/div/div/div/div/form/div/div/div/input#XPATH##SEP#")

Any ideas why and how I can bypass this ?

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Hello Moisai,

There are various reasons why the "Unable to locate an element" error occurs. One possible reason is that the website may not have loaded the page properly, leading to the element not being present as expected. This could be due to some error during the page loading process. As a result, the recorded element cannot be found, triggering an alert. To identify the issue, it is recommended to review the screenshots of the Down RCA (Root Cause Analysis).

We kindly request you to send an email to support@site24x7.com so that our team can investigate the issue further. Our team will promptly get back to you to assist with the issue.


Parthiban Sekar


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