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Unable to configure Microsoft SQL Server Insights - "App Monitoring Config" Greyed Out

On Windows Server GUI, we are attempting to configure MS SQL Server Insights.

However, the option is greyed out in the tray and cannot be selected.


The system has all of the pre-reqs:

App logs are enabled

Agent Version is 20.6.0 and the option is available in the tray, just greyed out

.Net 3.0 is installed

SQL Server version is 2019.


Need assistance in making this option selectable.

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Hi Dennis,
Hope you are doing great.

The greying out of some features in the tray icon is because,
  • The user in which the tray icon process "Site24x7WindowsAgentTrayicon.exe" runs, will not have elevated permissions. [Check the User in the Task Manager]. 
  • The User Account Control (UAC) will be enabled for that machine.
Troubleshooting Steps:
  • Log in to the machine as an Admin user. This way, the tray icon process would automatically have the Admin user role.
  • Ensure the UAC is disabled for that server.
If you would like a walk-through to set up MS SQL Insights monitoring, let us know and we will be happy to get you a quick demo.

Some more links for your quick-reference:
Happy monitoring!
Geoffrin Edwin
Site24x7 Team

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Hi Geoffrin,


Thanks, I was able to force close the tray icon, then start it from a admin command prompt. The options were then available.

I was able to configure on this GUI server, and the insights show enabled for this server.

However, after 4 hours of configuration, attempt to view the insights shows a red "Invalid Data Provided" banner and an other wise blank screen.

Is there a baseline window before information is accessbile? 

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Hi Dennis,

Ideally you should see the monitors in your Site24x7 account in a few minutes.

In some exceptional cases, we have identified a slight delay in setting up the monitors and we have fixed this delay now.

Could you please let us know if you are still unable to see your MS SQL Insight monitors?

Have a great day ahead!

Happy monitoring!
Geoffrin Edwin
Site24x7 Team
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