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SSL Certificate Verification

I have set up a REST API monitor for an API which requires authentication with a client certificate.

I have also set the correct client certificate and certificate password in the HTTP configuration of the REST API monitor.

But since the certificate does not have a correct certification path, the monitor poll attempts keep returning HTTP 615 SSL Connection Error.

By using Postman I can connect to the same REST API with the same client certificate. But I have to disable "SSL Certificate Verification" option in Postman settings.

Question: is there any way to disable "SSL Certificate Verification" in REST API Monitor configuration?

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Hi Janez,

SSL Certificate Validation is currently supported for website monitor which user can enable/disable it. For RestAPI monitor, SSL certificate validation is already disabled, Means no Validation will happen for SSL Certificate in RestAPI monitor.
Hence, We are suspecting the issue you faced is due to the some other reason. To check further, Kindly contact support with the related poller logs. Our support team will provide you the link for uploading the logs support@site24x7.com.




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While it's generally not recommended due to security concerns, in certain testing or development scenarios, you can disable SSL certificate verification in a REST API monitor configuration. Depending on the tool or language used, this might involve setting specific parameters such as verify=False in Python's requests library or using the -k option in cURL. However, caution must be exercised, and this practice should only be employed in controlled environments for temporary testing purposes, not in production systems where maintaining secure communications is essential. 

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