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Send monitor group tags in an alert (inheritance function)


In the alerts you can send the tags but only if you define it directly in a monitor (user defined tags) but you cannot send the tags of the parent monitor group to which the monitor belongs (Monitor Group Tags).

This functionality is interesting if you have many monitors or you add new ones within a group of monitors, so that they inherit from the parent.

You could allow to overwrite the value of an inherited tag or add a new one (as it is done now) and send it as well.

I attach an image.

Thank you very much.

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Hi Jorge,

 May I Know if the Reason you have asked this is to send alerts from a group alone or is it to include the tags?
On the contrary, we are working on a feature to support monitor group filter in 3rd party integration. Please let us know if sending alert to 3rd party integration is the primary use case.
Also Kindly re-attach the Image.


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Hi Jenzo,

We are also interested in this inheritance function. It would be great if an alert is active and the associated third part integration (webhook in our case) is triggered the tags from the monitor as well as the monitor group are send.

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