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Monitor your Amazon S3 virtual folders and manage your S3 bucket

Hi there!

We are happy to announce our new S3 folder monitoring feature, which allows you to track how your S3 folder is functioning in an S3 bucket.

Amazon S3 bucket is a reliable cloud storage platform where you can store and retrieve objects and their descriptive metadata at any scale. There is no limit to the number of objects or folders that you can store in an S3 bucket. The objects and folders can be recursive as well. As a result, managing and monitoring an S3 bucket with multiple objects or folders can be very tricky and cumbersome.

You can use Site24x7 to run periodic checks on S3 object URLs to ensure they're functioning, and we're extending support to monitor your Amazon S3 virtual folders, too.

With Site24x7's Amazon S3 folder monitoring, you can:

  • Collect storage metrics, object counts, and folder counts at the individual folder level and folder hierarchy level.
  • Collect object modification metrics at the individual folder level.
  • Track metric data every minute for up to 24 hours.

Start your virtual folder monitoring journey with Site24x7's Amazon S3 folder monitoring. Leave your feedback below in the comments section.

Happy monitoring!


-The Site24x7 team!

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