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Record the number of users

We are looking to monitor the number of users logged into a given system at a time. This would help us review periods of peek usage and correlate that to the number of users logged in at that particular time.

I can do this from the powershell prompt on windows:

(quser | measure | select -ExpandProperty count)-1

Thank you,
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Dear Brose,

    Custom plugins is the way to go for this. Since you already know the command, you just have to get this in a ps1 file and need construct the json. 

I have created a powershell script that will do this. Name it as noofusers.ps1 (or anyother name of your choice)

Function Add-Data([string]$json,[string]$key,[string]$value,[bool]$isobj) {
   if($key -ne $null -and $value -ne $null) {
     if($json.Length -gt 0){
       $json = $json -replace "(.*)}(.*)", '$1,$2'
     } else {
$json = $json + "{"
  if($isobj -eq $true) {
   $json = $json + [char]34 + $key + [char]34 + " : " + $value +"}"
} else {
  $json = $json + [char]34 + $key + [char]34 + " : " + [char]34 + $value + [char]34 +"}"
return $json
$noofUsersLoggedIn = (quser.exe 2>&1 | measure | select -ExpandProperty count)-1

$version = "1"

$displayname = "User Logins"

$heartbeat = "True"

$units = ""

$data = ""
$data = Add-Data $data "No of User Logins" $noofUsersLoggedIn

$mainJson = ""
$mainJson = Add-Data $mainJson "version" $version
$mainJson = Add-Data $mainJson "data" $data $true
$mainJson = Add-Data $mainJson "displayname" $displayname

return $mainJson

All you have to do now is put this ps1 file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Site24x7\WinAgent\monitoring\Plugins\noofusers\noofusers.ps1. 

Make sure the plugin folder name and the file name are same.

Restart the plugin service once. Also remember to set the execution policy to remotesigned. 

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned 

You will then get the no.of users that have logged to a server. The plugin is run as per the polling interval you have set.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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Thank you for the custom plugin, and that is very helpful!

I was hoping that this would be a built-in measured value in the future.

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Glad that you found this helpful, Brose. We give performance monitoring data as part of our built-in set of attributes but no.of users who accessed the server is not a performance data per se. However, we'll add this to our roadmap and based on feedback we'll bring it in. Hope this makes sense. 


Product Manager, Site24x7

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Sounds great... I also updated the code slightly to handle when 0 users are logged in

 $noofUsersLoggedIn = (quser.exe 2>&1 | measure | select -ExpandProperty count)-1
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Thanks Brose. I've updated the script accordingly as well. 


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