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Receive alerts for plugin monitors when data collection isn't happening

We are pleased to inform that you can now receive alerts if data collection in your plugin monitor is not happening or has stopped. 

How does it help?

Receiving alerts if data collection stops is crucial for troubleshooting or identifying underlying issues with the application. It can often act as the first indication of changes in application state or configuration. 

How to enable the alerts?

To receive alerts for your existing plugin monitors:
  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration Profiles > Threshold and Availability.
  2. From the list, select the plugin monitor you want to receive alerts for.
  3. In the Edit Threshold Profile pop-up, switch the toggle to Yes for the Alert if data collection is not happening option.
    You can select the monitor state you want to receive the notification as, as well as associate IT automations with it.

You can also set up alerts if data collection is not happening for multiple plugin monitors in one go using our Bulk Actions feature.
  1. Navigate to Admin > Inventory > Bulk Action > Modify Plugin waittime to alert if alert is enabled.
  2. Filter by Monitor Type and set type to Plugin Integrations to see a list of all installed Plugin monitors.
  3. Select the required monitors and select Waittime to alert if plugin data is not pushed to the required time. You can set the wait time as low as five minutes.
  4. Click Save.
    All the selected plugin monitors will get updated with this alerting feature. 
Read our documentation to learn more about adding or editing Plugin Threshold Profiles, or using the Bulk Action feature for multiple plugins, so that you always get alerts when data collection has stopped.

Happy monitoring!

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