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Monitoring websites on cloudflare?

We have several customers that utilize cloudflare for DDOS prevention.  When we setup a monitor for these sites they timeout and fail and report as down, is there a way to properly monitor sites like this?

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There are two ways you can bypass Cloudflare's protection when monitoring your website. One way is to whitelist Site24x7's IP addresses in Cloudflare's Firewall tab. This will prevent Cloudflare's protection from triggering.

The other way is to configure the "Force IP addresses" field in your monitor with your server's actual IP address. Note that this will also bypass any other Cloudflare features enabled for that particular domain name which may cause your website to respond differently while monitoring.

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We used to monitor websites hosted in Cloudflare. If you're finding any errors or failures, we need to check the reason for the failure.
At times the failure could be due to any reason specific to Cloudflare. If the reason is due to too many monitoring requests, then you can try reducing the Poll Frequency.
If you have any restriction in locations, you need to add our source IPs mentioned here into the allowed list. ( https://www.site24x7.com/multi-location-web-site-monitoring.html )
To verify the same, we need to check the URL. Please contact support@site24x7.com with these details.
Site24x7 Team

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