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Our scenario is that we have 2 teams sharing Site24x7, we do not want to receive notification from the app relating to the other teams monitors.

Is it possible to decide which monitor you want to receive notifications for?

Would it be easier to have a separate account for each team? If we did have separate accounts would we be able to log into the app with multiple accounts if needed?




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Hi Paul,

  Sometime back we had a discussion about Business Units, which I believe would fit your needs in terms of Mobile App notifications as well. 

Due to other priorities we couldn't take this feature. We will soon start development of this feature, I believe this would solve your problem. Will update here when we complete this. Thanks for understanding. 

-Jasper Paul

Product Manager, Site24x7. 


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What we did was create different notification groups for each team but also chose other groups to display to each person.

For example we have the notification group "Network Team" and each network monitor alerts to that group.

But also we wanted the network guys to check the status of the servers, even if they won't receive any notification, so each user of the network team has both the "Network" and "Servers" group, but only the "Network Team" notification group.

That way we all have full visibility but alerts are sent only to those that need to be notified.


Hope that helps.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Does this work for mobile app notifications as well? 

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I didn't saw the answer until now. Yes it does work for the mobile app too.

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