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Make read time outs editable for REST API (or where applicable)


I opened 2 support cases recently to check why certain monitoring failed.

## 1193870 ##] Alert raised for REST API after 30 sec response time though threshold is set to 45 sec

I learnt that while connection time out is generally editable, response time is NOT and by default it is 30 sec.

I would like Site24x7 to add a new field (Response timeout) into each monitoring (where applicable) but at least REST API and REST transactions and make this editable.

Thanks for the help.

Looking forward to your implementation.


Peter Bona

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Dear Peter,

   Thanks for reaching out to us in the community. As I understand, our support folk have increased the threshold to 45 seconds. However, I understand the need for this setting to be configurable. There are some technicalities we need to iron out and hence are evaluating this and before giving to everyone. 

I'm just curious to know the nature of the REST API you are monitoring here. Is it a stream that the api gives or a micro service that you provide? 

Secondly, Is 30-45 sec a normal behavior for an API response in your case ? Any details you would like to share would be fascinating to understand. 


PM, Site24x7


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Hi Peter and Jasper, 

We are looking for this too. 

Did you get any resolution anywhere?


To answer Jasper's question (Secondly, Is 30-45 sec a normal behavior for an API response in your case ?), the answer is "yes". 

Our use-case:

We have a backend that depends on synchronous third-party systems.

  1. From Site 24x7 we make a request to our backend,
  2. The backend does a few things, and then sends a request to a third-party system. 
  3. The third-party system responds to the backend
  4. The back end processes the data received
  5. The back end responds to Site 24x7

The time between #2 and #3 is highly unpredictable, as the third party, sometimes, takes 3 seconds, and some other times takes 45-90 seconds. Therefore, we would like to raise the Read Timeout to 110 seconds to avoid getting non-actionable alerts all around the place. 

I hope this answers the question. Please feel free to reach out via my email below if we need to discuss anything regarding this. 


Thank you, 

Abhishek Madhu


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