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Monitoring complex networks just became easier with our enhancements in Layer 2 maps

Based on invaluable feedback from users like you, we have enhanced our Layer 2 maps. The updated user interface now includes many more features that simplify network visualization, including a map inventory on the same pane that displays device details on click, as well as the capability to inspect a device's connections in a separate view.

How it helps

Layer 2 maps now feature an enhanced UI that helps you easily identify the type of device, its status, and the real-time details when hovering over or clicking on it. 

Enhanced UI elements

To make it easier for you to visualize your network connections within an IP range, the Layer 2 maps are now sporting a fresh new look.

View device details on hover or click

For effortless access to complete details about a specific node, hover over it or click on it, whatever suits your needs. Want to focus on a node's connections and see them in isolation? Just right-click on that node to view connections.

Easily add devices for monitoring from the map 

Improve monitoring efficiency by easily adding unmonitored devices as monitors through Layer 2 maps. Additionally, you can conveniently bulk-add monitors within the IP range for that map.

Map inventory at your fingertips

Gain insights into the details and connections of every device by clicking on a device in the map inventory. Here, you can view all devices displayed on the map and search for a specific one as needed.

Get started

Refer to our help documents to learn about the prerequisites and other basics you may need to get started.

Feel free to drop your feedback, suggestions, and feature requests in the comment section below.

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