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Installer broken

We run monitoring agent on all our VMs and install it with ansible every time.

Since yesterday (2023-11-24) the installer that gets downloaded from https://staticdownloads.site24x7.com/server/Site24x7_Linux_64bit.install is broken.

When you execute command "sh ./Site24x7_Linux_64bit.install -i" with or without -key -gn and so on, you get respons: Site24x7_Linux_64bit.install: 324: Syntax error: "(" unexpected (expecting "}")

When we run our install using ansible the task never completes or fails.

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Hello Martin,

Hope you are doing great.

Could you please try this command:
bash Site24x7_Linux_64bit.install -i -key=<device_key> -automation=true

The command we have suggested uses "bash" and that should install the server monitoring agent.

As always, let us know if you would need any more assistance.

Best regards,
Geoffrin Edwin
Team Site24x7
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