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How can I get ALL DATA from a network device?

If I export a report in CSV I only get the report information, not the data from which the report was built. How can I get the full data?

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Maybe you need to add that info into the report? Not sure how you'd get all the data otherwise.

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I need to obtain specific information that can´t be seen in the report, to analize behaviors, camparisons between the devices, for example. It will be faster for me to do that directly with the data than creating in site24x7 an individual report for every scenario and level of detail I need. Also, I don't know if that is even possible in site24x7. 

If a report is created with a time series,  Tx Utilization, for example, I want the full time serie in csv or any other format, not only the image.It would be heaven if I could get ALL data in one file, but if I can access the time series of a report, it will do. 


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Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out. Currently, we do not support pulling all data from a network device into a single file. We have added this to our roadmap and I'll update this thread when the feature is live. Please feel free to get back for further clarifications.


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