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Detail performance metrics not updating

I recently cloned a VMware VM.  I followed the instructions on this forum post: www.site24x7.com/community/cloning-a-server to register the new server.

The server is visible in site 24x7 and shows as up when it is running and down when it is powered off, however none of the detail metrics (CPU,RAM,Disk,Network) are showing any values or history.

Are there additional steps needed to start the transmission of the metrics?


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Re: Detail performance metrics not updating


    We think that the server time is ahead of the correct (present) time. We will not be persisting data with future time.

Kindly double-check if the server time is matching the specific time zone on your end. If not, please correct it. Once corrected, data collection will start to happen for the Site24x7 monitor(s).

Hope this helps. Let us know for further queries, if any. 



Selva Kumar

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