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Deprecation of Java 6 and 7 for the APM Insight Java agent

Hello there,

The security of our customers continues to be our top priority. We have released a new version of APM Insight Java Agent v5.7.0, which uses the most recent Log4j2 library (v2.18.0) to mitigate the Log4shell vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228).

The APM Insight Java agent is now compatible only with Java versions 8 and above (support for Java 6 and 7 has been deprecated for security reasons). To fully utilize the features of the APM Insight Java agent, we recommend that you upgrade to Java version 8 or above. If you are unable to upgrade, you may continue to use the current version of Java and its associated Java agent. However, until you upgrade to the latest version of the Java agent, no further agent releases will be available to you.

Thanks and regards,
The Site24x7 team

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