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Creating more then 2 line charts in plugin template

I have a custom plugin and when editing the plugin template, at "Create multiple metrics charts" I can only create 2 multi series line charts,

I need to create at least 5, is this possible?

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Hi James,

We are currently working on enhancing the plugin integrations feature that we have. We do have the feature request that you have posted in our road map (enhanced version). But the timeline is yet finalised.

As an alternative, you can create multi series line graphs as widgets in the Custom Dashboard.

  1. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Home > Dashboards > Create new Dashboard.
  2. Choose Widget Category as Multi Attribute Widget > Filter monitors and groups.
  3. Select Monitor Type as Plugin Integrations. Select the plugin template and the plugin monitors.
  4. Select the Attributes you want to group in a graph. Choose the time period.
  5. Drag and drop the line or area chart into the working space.
  6. Save your dashboard.

PFA a GIF that can help create a multi series chart in a custom dashboard. Hope this helps. Let us know for any questions.




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Thanks,  this makes sense.

Is there anyway of getting polled Textual Attributes onto a custom dashboard from my custom plugin?



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Hi James,

Currently, we do not support textual attributes in custom dashboards. However, will check the possibility to include this feature based on the number of requests we get.





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Hi James,

We're glad to inform you that we've introduced text attributes in custom dashboards for plugin monitors. 

To use the performance-related text attribute widget,

  1. Log in to Site24x7.

  2. Navigate to Home > Dashboards > Custom Dashboards.

  3. In the Custom Dashboards page:

    • For Choose Widgets Category select Performance Widgets.

    • Select Monitor for Choose Resource Type option.

    • Select Plugin Integrations for Choose Monitor Type.

Now, along with graphical and numerical representations, text attributes will also be available.

Happy monitoring!

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